Devin Haney Fully Outclasses Prograis – Fight Results

12/12/2023 - No comments

Saturday night at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, was not just any night. It was the night when WBC World Super Lightweight champ Regis “Rougarou” Prograis, sitting pretty at 29-2 with 24 KO’s, had his crown snatched by the former world Light champ and now undisputed champ, Devin “The Dream” Haney, boasting an unblemished 31-0 with 15 KO’s, and all this drama unfolded over a grueling 12 rounds.

But first, let’s not forget the co-feature where WBO Global Super Lightweight kingpin Liam Paro put the brakes on Montana “Too Pretty” Love, sending him packing in six rounds.

Back to the main event, where Prograis, a southpaw with fists like hammers, tried to stamp his authority early on. But Haney, slick as oil, had his own plans. The first couple of rounds were a tight tussle, but come the third, Haney’s right hand landed on Prograis’s chin with a thud, sending him down for an 8-count. Prograis got up, but the damage was done – both eyes swelling like balloons.

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Haney took control in the fourth and fifth, with Prograis trying to claw back but mostly eating leather. The sixth round saw Haney’s right hand again rocking Prograis’s world.

By the eighth, Prograis’s face was a map of the fight – all busted up thanks to Haney’s relentless uppercuts. And in the ninth, another right from Haney had Prograis seeing stars.

The tenth and eleventh were more of the same, with Prograis charging forward like a bull, but Haney was the matador, skillfully dodging and countering. The final round saw a desperate Prograis needing a knockout, pushing forward, but Haney, cool as a cucumber, outboxed him at every turn.

When the dust settled, the judges were unanimous – 120-107, and just like that, Haney walked away with Prograis’s title.

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