Charlo vs Benavidez Jr: Jermall & Ronnie Shields Quotes

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Las Vegas is gearing up for a show-stopper on November 25 at the Michelob ULTRA Arena, Mandalay Bay. Jermall Charlo, the undefeated WBC Middleweight World Champion, is all set to end his two-year hiatus with a bang. He’s facing Jose Benavidez Jr. in a high-voltage 10-round non-title WBC special event as part of the Premier Boxing Champions and SHOWTIME PPV co-main event.

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From his training camp in Houston, Charlo, along with his trainer Ronnie Shields, shared some punchy insights:


“I’m buzzing with excitement to be back in my element. It’s like rediscovering boxing, reliving my amateur days. There’s a thrill in feeling brand new to the game yet again. Here I am, ready to stun the world and reinforce my position at the top.

Dealing with mental health is about balancing your thoughts and looking ahead, which was a tough spot for me. I’ve learned to embrace patience and take charge of my comeback. I’m stepping back into the ring, ready to face my challenges at my own pace.

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Benavidez seems eager to carve out his legacy, and stirring up noise with me is his ticket. I’m taking his words to heart, and seriously. He’s stepping into the ring seeking vengeance for his brother, but hey, let’s talk about brotherly rivalries – the Charlos and the Benavidezes. If he wants me as his biggest rival, I’m all in. Two years out of the game, and I’m here with no excuses, just ready to fight.

I don’t hold any respect for him. My focus is on controlling the fight, staying patient. If I land a clean punch, it’s lights out for him. I’m channeling my inner Allen Iverson, ready to dominate. My goal is to keep my excitement in check and not let it overshadow my strategy.

I’m aiming for a more active year ahead, hoping to take on two or three fights. Keeping my focus in the gym is key, and I’m up for any big fight that comes my way – be it the main event winner or even Canelo. I’m open to all challengers, even rising YouTubers. I just want to fight.”


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“Jermall is definitely back to his prime form of two years ago. His attitude is top-notch, and he’s eager to train every day.

Ring rust is a reality, but that’s why we train hard to shake it off. If it were up to me, we’d be fighting tomorrow – he’s that ready.

Jose Jr. is a formidable opponent, with a ferocious attitude that’s essential in this line of work. Both he and his brother David are tough, hard-training fighters who bring their A-game. But we’re here for a fight, ready to take on whatever they’ve got.

We’ve been analyzing every angle of Jose’s style, identifying weaknesses we can exploit. I believe Jermall’s strength will be the game changer.

Jermall is like a son to me. He’s in a great place now, with his family, enjoying life. That positive mindset is crucial for success. He’s found joy in the little things, and that’s the perfect mindset for victory.

We expect Jose Jr. to start strong, applying pressure and trying new tactics. But we’re prepared for anything he throws our way. Jermall’s power is something special, and we plan to use that to our advantage.”

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