Charles Whitewood Clinches Victory as the New ABA Champion

10/25/2023 - No comments

London’s very own, Charles Whitewood, recently captured the ABA Championship title in the 63kg weight division. This unforgettable fight took place on October 21st at Balham Boxing Club, where Whitewood showcased his exceptional skills against a noteworthy opponent from London Military ABC. This win secured him the much-coveted Balham Challenger Belt.

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into boxing,” exclaimed the ecstatic Whitewood after his victory. “This win is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s an honor to represent my roots, and I can’t wait for what the future holds. Always remember – if you dare, you win. If your drive is stronger than the hurdles you face, victory is yours!”

Our champ’s boxing journey ignited at a young age of 10 at Marvels Lane Boxing Club, Grove Park, SE London. His undeniable talent and fiery drive quickly set him apart. As his ambitions grew, he moved to Dwaynamix gym in Brixton, dreaming big and training harder. Despite the challenges brought on by the lockdown, Charles’s determination remained unshaken. He made a significant switch to the renowned Honour & Glory gym in Kidbrooke, a choice that played a pivotal role in his recent success.

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With the backing of MC Scaffolding Supplies in Brixton, Charles is laser-focused on ascending the professional ladder. “Supporting Charles has been truly rewarding,” says Mark Whitewood of MC Scaffolding Supplies. “His grit aligns with our core values. We firmly believe in dedication and relentless effort, and it’s thrilling to watch Charles soar in the boxing universe.”

It’s not just Charles’s exciting fights that have garnered attention. He’s a sensation outside the ring too. Over 40,000 fans eagerly follow him on TikTok, where he gives a glimpse into his life, shares insights, and imparts boxing wisdom. Taking things up a notch, he recently launched a line of personalized boxing gloves, allowing his fans to feel a tangible connection to his journey.

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