Callum Smith Opens Up On The Beterbiev Fight Postponement

08/07/2023 - No comments

Callum Smith speaks to Boxing News’ Andi Purewal as he reacts to his bout with Artur Beterbiev being postponed:

“I’m good, issues aside…I’ve got them myself so that’s the main thing,” Smith stated, reflecting a focus on what lies ahead.

The postponement of Smith’s fight with Arthur Beterbiev due to a jaw injury has left fans and the fighter himself in anticipation.

“I probably know the same as a lot of people…it’s just postponed rather than canceled, so I’ve got to just stay positive,” Smith expressed.

Regarding the rescheduling of the fight, Smith revealed limited communication.

“Not a lot…could possibly be January early next year, which again is a while six six or whatever months off…it’s not ideal,” he shared.

Smith is considering an interim fight to stay active but must balance the risk.

“I think I started the team to decide on the opponents…I’ve stayed in the gym like I said I’ve done a full camp basically, so I’m in good shape,” he explained.

Smith sees the delay possibly working in his favor, turning inactivity from a challenge into an advantage.

“Possibly this ever happens for a reason…I believe I had him beat him regardless, but I think it could be a little bit different now,” he analyzed.

Smith hinted at his tactical approach to defeating Beterbiev.

“I believe I’m not a good intelligent fight to do heavy under…he did his holes in him, he can be hit, and I’ve also that full confidence in the old ability,” he revealed.

Smith’s belief that Beterbiev is beatable forms the cornerstone of his confidence.

“He might be a monster, but he’s not Invincible…when you see all the fighters have him over and have them here then you definitely know gives me more incentive that I can go in there and do a better job and finish the job and get the job done,” he confidently stated.

The interview with Callum Smith paints a picture of a fighter undeterred by delays and fully confident in his ability to win. He’s a fighter in his prime, waiting for his chance to prove himself to the world.

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