BOXXER and StarTimes Announce Major Broadcast Partnership Across Sub-Saharan Africa

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BOXXER is excited to announce their latest deal with StarTimes, setting the stage for their top-notch brawls to hit screens across Sub-Saharan Africa. StarTimes, with its roots in Beijing, is on a tear across Africa, serving up digital TV goodness to over 45 million folks spread out in more than 30 countries.

This fresh hook-up means 13 million homes down South are in for a treat, with live BOXXER throwdowns beaming right into their living rooms. It’s a big win for BOXXER’s squad of pugilists, especially those with roots in Africa, giving them a massive platform to strut their stuff in a region that’s mad about fisticuffs. StarTimes isn’t just stopping at fights; they’re throwing in extra content to big up BOXXER and get the African crowd pumped about their fighters.

Back in the UK and Ireland, BOXXER’s already cozy with Sky Sports, thanks to a deal that keeps them on air till at least 2025. And let’s not forget the States, where NBC Sports jumped on the BOXXER bandwagon in October 2023, giving them a hefty shove into the American ring.

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BOXXER’s big boss, Ben Shalom, is all in on Africa, eyeing it as prime territory for growth. He’s chuffed to bits about linking up with StarTimes and firing up millions of African screens with their bouts.

Over at StarTimes, Li Bin, the sports channel honcho, is just as chuffed, promising to deliver top-tier sporting thrills to African viewers. He’s keen on the partnership with BOXXER, expecting it to deliver knockout viewing experiences across the continent.

BOXXER’s recent rumble on February 3rd had Joshua Buatsi and Dan Azeez, two top dogs in the light-heavyweight scene with Ghanaian and Nigerian roots, going toe-to-toe in London. And there’s more where that came from, with a heavyweight face-off between unbeaten bruisers Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke set for March 31st at The O2 in London, battling it out for British and Commonwealth bragging rights.

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