Live Boxing Tonight: Austin Brooks vs. Izaguirre LIVE on FUBO TV

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CBN Promotions is shaking things up in the fight game, hitching its wagon to FuboTV Inc., the big dog in sports-first streaming. This tag team is set to beam monthly live boxing extravaganzas straight to Fubo Sports and its Spanish-speaking cousin, Fubo Latino, without charging you an arm and a leg.

The folks over at CBN Promotions are over the moon about teaming up with Fubo Sports, promising to light up living rooms across the nation with their top-bill bouts. Fubo’s going all-in, streaming every punch, jab, and knockout on CBN’s cards, leaving no fight unseen.

Alex Camponovo, the big cheese at CBN Promotions, couldn’t contain his glee, saying this hookup with Fubo Sports is like a dream come true. He’s all geared up to flood your screens with edge-of-your-seat boxing, bringing the ring right to your couch.

Meanwhile, Thunder Studios, the wizards behind CBN’s slick productions, is also in the mix, with Rolando Nichols leading the charge. They’re betting that Fubo Sports is the perfect ring for showcasing their knockout events, aiming to win over hearts and eyeballs far and wide.

Fubo Sports isn’t just live-action; they’re also your ticket to boxing blasts from the past, letting you relive the glory days of 2023 right from Thunder Studios. And if you’re a channel surfer, you’re in luck, because Fubo Sports is popping up everywhere – from Amazon Freevee to YouTube, making sure you don’t miss a beat.

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Mark your calendars for “Super Brawl Saturday” come February 10th at Thunder Studios, Long Beach, California. It’s going to be a slobberknocker with Austin Brooks squaring off against Jose Manuel Izaguirre for the WBA Continental crown, all captured live by ESPN Knockout and Fubo Sports. Missed it live? No sweat, catch the replay on Fox Deportes and Estrella TV.

Brooks had a few words to share about his grinding training camp, his face-off with Izaguirre, and the thrill of being in the main event on national TV.

Talking about his training, Brooks mentioned, “The training camp has been nothing short of a grind, just the way we roll. Every single day, it’s all about pushing to the brink, making sure we’ve covered all our bases. We’re locked, loaded, and ready for anything thrown our way.”

When it came to discussing his fight with Izaguirre, he said, “Izaguirre’s got skills that command respect, and I tip my hat to him for that. But don’t get it twisted, I’m walking into that ring with one thing in mind: victory. It’s going to be a clash of titans, and I’m all in.”

And on the topic of showcasing his skills on national television, Brooks couldn’t hide his excitement, “Being in the spotlight on a national platform is everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s a chance to wave my flag high and make my team proud in front of a countrywide crowd. Brace yourselves for a show you won’t forget.”

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Izaguirre didn’t mince words about the grueling prep he’s been through, claiming he’s never been fitter. “I’ve been through the wringer, but it’s shaped me into a fighting machine. Ready to dazzle in the ring, I’ve left no stone unturned and I’m in prime form.”

When it comes to squaring up with Brooks, Izaguirre’s brimming with confidence. “Brooks is in for a rough night. I’ve got my strategy down pat. I’m set to dominate and shatter his hopes.”

The spotlight of the national fight scene is exactly where Izaguirre aimed to be. “This is my moment to shine, to fly the flag for Cuba and my supporters stateside. I’m all in, ready to etch my name in the minds of the masses.”

The bout for the WBA Continental Title is more than just a fight for Izaguirre. “This is just the start. I’m fighting for glory, to pave my way to the world title, carrying my homeland’s spirit. I’m here to leave a mark, to rally and inspire, as I go all out for the win.”

“Super Brawl Saturday” is set to kick off at 5:00 pm PT, with tickets up for grabs starting from $50. Fight fans can snag their spots by ringing up 800-283-8699, shooting a text to 702-591-1638, or hitting up The showdown takes place at Thunder Studios, Long Beach.

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