Booker scorches Hernandez at ‘Summer Heat 2023’ Inbox

08/14/2023 - No comments

On Saturday evening, Chordale “The Gift” Booker delivered a jaw-dropping knockout, flooring Nicolas Hernandez in the 7th round. This moment was the highlight of the CES Boxing event at the Mohegan Sun Arena, which saw 4,235 spectators eagerly anticipating the prequel – a 10-match amateur show named the “Jimmy Burchfield Invitational.”

Booker, beaming with confidence from the get-go, expressed, “I aimed to perfect my strategies tonight. Facing Hernandez, who refused to buckle after my initial shots, made this win even more gratifying.”

From the onset, Booker showcased his finesse by targeting Hernandez with sharp right jabs. Noticing his older rival’s oversights, Booker effectively retaliated with concise counterpunches. By the 3rd round, Hernandez seemed baffled, consistently faltering under Booker’s varied attacks.

Detailing his tactic, Booker shared, “I mixed up my punches, and this left Hernandez disoriented. He couldn’t predict the strength of my next blow, making my attacks more effective.”

In the subsequent rounds, Hernandez’s defense was wobbly, struggling to withstand Booker’s onslaught. But, sensing the urgency after a medical check in round 5, Hernandez found a momentary resurgence. Despite this, Booker’s formidable presence prevailed.

Witnessing the electrifying bout were esteemed boxing legends like Tony Harrison, Vinny Paz, and ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson. Alycia Baumgardner, Booker’s former amateur teammate, was also present and joined the ring before the match.

The decisive 7th round saw Booker catching Hernandez off-guard, leading to the first knockdown. Describing the moment, Booker said, “I was continually hitting him, making him feel unsafe and eventually causing him to lower his guard. This persistent offense led to the first fall.”

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Yet, Hernandez’s spirit was far from broken. Upon rising, he was instantly floored by Booker’s stellar right hook. A punch reminiscent of the iconic ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley knockout of 2015.

Reveling in his 20th victory, an enthusiastic Booker stated, “I cherish the support here at Mohegan. With champions like Tony Harrison and Alycia Baumgardner cheering, it motivates me to chase bigger titles in 2024.”

Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampitt Dominates the Co-feature

Following the main event, four-time champion Jaime Clampitt displayed sheer determination against Josefina Vega, emerging victorious in a unanimous 8-round decision. Both fighters were relentless, but Clampitt’s dominant rights prevailed.

Clampitt, reflecting on her performance, admitted, “Vega was fit and prepared, which made our match challenging. However, I managed to find rhythm, especially with my right hand.”

Despite Vega’s best efforts, she couldn’t match Clampitt’s prowess. The relentless 8th round showcased Clampitt’s refined skills and impeccable form.

On her performance, Clampitt expressed, “I intended to display the techniques I’ve trained. In future fights, I aim to be more assertive to secure a knockout.”

Undeterred by age, Clampitt, a two-division champion, remains ambitious, concluding, “I might be 47, but my passion for boxing remains unquenched. With a solid team behind me, I’m optimistic about what’s next.”

In a stunning super featherweight match, Alejandro Paulino, the undefeated sensation, showed why he’s a force to be reckoned with. Just moments into the bout, he unleashed a lightning-fast left hook, sending Julian Aristule to the canvas. Aristule did bounce back, but Paulino’s unyielding onslaught, culminating in a powerful right, ensured his victory. Final score? Paulino: 15-0 (13) and Aristule: 35-18-1 (18).

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Switching gears to the jr. welterweight category, Wilson Mascarenhas from New Bedford, MA, pulled off a stellar win against Anthony Mora. After gauging his opponent in the initial moments, Mascarenhas unleashed a storm of punches in the second round. Even a medical timeout couldn’t cool down his fervor. The referee, acting on the ringside doctor’s recommendation, called the match in Mascarenhas’s favor.

Anthony “ATV” Velasquez proved he’s back in the game! He dominated Mario Bustos with his body shots, particularly a lethal left hook, scoring a knockout within the first round. Velasquez’s victory was a sweet recovery from a recent draw.

Mike “The Savage” Kimbel, mentored by the legendary ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson, triumphed over Stephen Davis in a nail-biting super lightweight contest. Davis did show resistance in the third round, but Kimbel’s solid combo punches steered the match in his direction. The judges echoed this sentiment with a unanimous 40-36 (3x) verdict.

5. Gonzalez Grabs the Glory In an intense welterweight fight, Jeffrey Gonzalez showcased his boxing skills against Joe Wilson Jr. Gonzalez’s ferocious right-hand punches were too much for Wilson, knocking him down twice in the first round. Wilson’s spirited comeback was admirable, but Gonzalez’s overwhelming force led to the referee’s intervention for Wilson’s well-being.

6. Bohdziewicz’s Tactical Triumph Starting the pro bouts for the evening, Slawomir Bohdziewicz showcased tactical brilliance against Gabriel Costa. Costa’s strategy to alternate his stance didn’t faze Bohdziewicz. Using his uppercuts to perfection, he clinched the win in round two.