Angelo Leo Has Sights On Stephen Fulton Jr. Ahead Of Plania Bout On Probox TV

01/30/2024 - No comments

Angelo Leo is itching for a round two with Stephen Fulton Jr., but first, he’s got a score to settle in the ring with Mike Plania. This tussle is going down on Wednesday, January 31, lighting up the main event of Wednesday Night Fights out in Plant City, Florida.

Leo, who once held the WBO super-bantamweight crown, is shaking off the cobwebs after a lengthy 29-month break from the squared circle, making a splash on ProBox TV. But Leo’s got his eyes on a bigger prize: strapping on the gloves as a champ across two divisions. Still, the thought of squaring up with Fulton Jr. again has him rubbing his hands with glee.

“I’m all in for a rematch,” Leo declared, “I’ve been singing the same tune to anyone who’d listen. I’m craving that do-over. I need to set the record straight.”

But don’t get it twisted; Leo’s not losing sleep over Fulton Jr. just yet. The man’s laser-focused on etching his name in the annals as a two-division titan, though he admits a Fulton Jr. sequel is likely on the cards.

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“Sure, our paths might cross again, but for now, I’m all about clinching that two-division world champ title. That rematch? It’s on the horizon,” Leo teased.

By year’s end, Leo’s aiming to be in the thick of it, either duking it out for a title or jockeying for position to throw his hat in the ring.

“Title fights, title eliminators, I’m game for either,” he quipped. “But let’s be real, nabbing that title sooner rather than later would be sweet. I’ll leave it in the big guy’s hands.”