Zurdo Ramirez – Arsen Goulamirian Fight Results

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Gilberto Ramirez from Mazatlán, Mexico, ascended to new heights, snagging the WBA Cruiserweight Super World Champion title after a thrilling  bout against Arsen Goulamirian of Yerevan, Armenia. Ramirez shattered records by becoming the first Mexican to conquer the cruiserweight division, adding this title to his super middleweight accolades. The arena, buzzing with anticipation, witnessed a dance of fists and strategy that kept fans on their toes till the very end.

Ramirez, dismissing the naysayers with a grin, shared, “Dreams do turn into reality, amigos. Thanks to the doubters too; your skepticism was the fuel to my fire. This belt? It’s more than just metal and leather; it’s the sweat and grind of my team and me.”

Goulamirian  shrugged off the loss, “His punches were more like love taps, but hey, props to him. He boxed well , and that’s what clinched it. I’ve been out of the ring for a while, so yeah, had to dust off some cobwebs. But I’ll be back.”

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The event wasn’t shy of star power, with notable figures like Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins, and even some laughs courtesy of Cedric the Entertainer, gracing the venue. The clash unfolded at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, with live coverage for those streaming at home on DAZN.

The undercard wasn’t short of drama either. Alexis Rocha, hailing from Santa Ana, made a thunderous comeback, putting Fredrick Lawson in his place with a TKO. Rocha, riding high on victory, admitted, “After a tumble, not everyone’s ready to jump back in. But me? I keep pushing. And today, I threw everything but the kitchen sink at him.”

Ricardo Sandoval delivered a knockout punch to Carlos Buitrago, showcasing his dominance in the super flyweight division. And let’s not forget Rowdy Montgomery’s surprising knockout against Kareem Hackett, a true underdog story if there ever was one.

Santiago Dominguez eked out a split decision win against Jose Sanchez in a nail-biter that had fans debating long after the last bell.

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Kicking things off, Joel Iriarte set the tone with a sensational stoppage of Kevin Aguirre, proving the night was primed for upsets and showcases of sheer talent.

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