Yoenlis Hernandez Set to Accelerate Towards World Title Glory with Warriors Boxing and Heavyweight Factory

12/07/2023 - No comments

Yoenlis Hernandez, an unscathed middleweight titan with a 2-0 record, is revving up to dazzle the pro boxing scene. Hailing from Cuba, this chap’s amateur accolades are as shiny as a knight’s armor. He’s just inked a snazzy co-promotional deal with Warriors Boxing and Chris Lawrence’s Heavyweight Factory Promotions. Picture this: Hernandez navigating the boxing world with the craftiness of a fox, guided by the mastermind Robert Valle, the puppeteer of executive decisions.

Now, let’s jet over to Toluca, Mexico. Hernandez has pitched his tent there, soaking up wisdom from the legendary coach Jacob “Panda” Majal. This is the same Panda who’s cornered champs like Subriel Matias and Emmanuel Rodriguez, plus the top-dog Kevin Gonzalez. Hernandez, with a twinkle in his eye, says, “Training with Panda is like finding a cheat code in boxing, and this co-promo deal? It’s like getting the golden ticket in my career. Hats off to Valle for steering this ship.”

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In Toluca, Hernandez is living the high life – literally. Training at a breathtaking 8,000 feet, he’s sharing the ring with champs, sculpting his mind into a winning fortress. He’s not just living in Mexico; he’s thriving, basking in the boxing buzz and breathing in that thin, victory-scented air.

Gold medallist Hernandez is all fired up, “Toluca’s sky-high altitude is my secret sauce. It’s turbo-charging my skills, and I’m dead set on building a fan empire here on my quest for world domination in boxing.”

Hernandez’s eyes are set on the prize, a world title that seems as close as the next sunrise. Come January 20, 2024, he’ll be dancing in the ring at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, Florida, eyeing a WBA regional title. “Hard Rock Café, get ready for a showstopper. This fight is my golden ticket to middleweight stardom,” Hernandez beams.

Luis DeCubas Sr., from Warriors Boxing, is the maestro behind Hernandez’s Mexican odyssey. “We’re tossing Hernandez into the deep end because he’s ready to swim with the sharks. The Hard Rock Café? That’s his new playground,” declares DeCubas Sr.

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Manager Valle chimes in, “Hernandez is our ace. With Panda in his corner and a rock-solid team, that world title is as good as ours in a blink.”

Chris Lawrence from Heavyweight Factory Promotions adds, “We’ve got big dreams and Hernandez is our shining star. Teaming up with boxing wizards like Margules and Luis Sr., we’re cooking up a storm in the ring.”