Who Won? Tim Tszyu – Brian Mendoza Fight Results

10/15/2023 - No comments

Last night, the Gold Coast wasn’t just a tourist paradise; it transformed into a battleground where gloves were the weapons and every punch told a story. Australian star Tim Tszyu defended his WBO Junior Middleweight World Title against the tenacious Brian Mendoza, and what a spectacle it was! The fight, broadcasted live for the world to see, resembled less of a competitive bout and more of a strategic dissection with Tszyu in the surgeon’s role and Mendoza, unfortunately, on the receiving end.

Tszyu, known for his precision and ferocity, didn’t disappoint. From the opening bell, he was a storm on legs, unleashing a flurry of punches with the cold efficiency of an office printer churning out paperwork on a Monday morning. With an unblemished record now extending to 24 wins, Tszyu showcased why he’s not just a hometown hero but a global terror in the boxing ring. Mendoza, with a heart as big as the outback, absorbed punishment that would have sent lesser men scurrying for the hills, but even his admirable grit couldn’t turn the tide.

While the knockout Tszyu and his fans crave didn’t materialize, the champ’s fists found their mark with the relentless regularity of a metronome. Each thudding punch was a harsh note in a brutal composition that left Mendoza more rattled than a maraca in a salsa band. The final scores — 116-111, 116-112, and 117-111 — scarcely do justice to the one-man show Tszyu orchestrated, connecting 38% of his power punches with the cruel precision of a spiteful online troll.

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For Mendoza, this fight was a deviation from the script of his previous headline-grabbing wins, including the stunning knockout of Sebastian Fundora. His knockout train didn’t just hit a snag; it derailed spectacularly against Tszyu’s disciplined onslaught. Now holding a still respectable 22-3 record, Mendoza, on this night, veered from “promising contender” to “staunch survivor.”

The post-fight was as electric as the fight itself, with Tszyu immediately calling out Jermell Charlo, the unified king of the 154-pound division. “Charlo, where you at?” he demanded, his eyes alight with the fire of someone who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. The Australian sensation made it clear that he’s ready for the glitz and glam of Vegas, suggesting his days of fighting Down Under could be numbered.

But don’t think Tszyu’s all bravado. The victor was quick to laud his opponent’s durability: “He’s tough. Crafty. Slick. A world-class fighter,” Tszyu conceded, tipping his hat to Mendoza. But we all know, in Tszyu’s world, “fun” is spelled “DOMINATION.” He left the ring with a promise of a Vegas showdown, and the crowd’s roar confirmed they’re all aboard.

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The fight was punctuated with moments that left jaws agape. Tszyu, embodying the hunter, had Mendoza on the ropes multiple times, none more visibly than in the gripping 10th and 11th rounds. The punches he rained down seemed to defy physics, yet Mendoza, stubborn as a mule, refused to go down.

Remember round five? Tszyu delivered a left uppercut that should be classified as a lethal weapon. Mendoza took it, his face a testament to both the punishment he endured and his unyielding spirit. And who could overlook the eighth round? Tszyu’s right hand found Mendoza’s face with the accuracy of a guided missile. Mendoza wasn’t just hanging by a thread; he was the thread.

As the dust settled, Tszyu stood tall, the undisputed winner, while Mendoza’s visage bore the hallmarks of every punch, every clash, every moment of resilience. Tszyu’s path is illuminated by the bright lights of Vegas, his star rising ever higher. Mendoza, meanwhile, may not have won, but in his resolve, he’s earned a different kind of victory — battered, yet unbroken respect.

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