Who Won? Frazer Clarke – Wach Fight Results

06/17/2023 - No comments

Tonight, we watched as Frazer Clarke, the medallist from Tokyo 2020 Olympics, walked away with an impressive points victory (100-90) at York Hall, broadcasted live on Sky Sports. He was up against a seasoned player, Mariusz Wach.

This was just the 7th professional fight for Clarke, and his first time going for 10 rounds. Yet, he proved his prowess, outperforming a fighter who had once challenged mayn top 10 heavyweighs.

From the get-go, Clarke was on top of his game. His jabs were on point, his offense was unpredictable, and he was easily making his shots. His head jabs were particularly effective, creating the opportunity for powerful body hooks. These hooks left significant impact on Wach, gradually wearing him down for the later rounds.

Wach did manage to find a few weak spots in Clarke’s defense during the middle rounds. But Clarke continued his onslaught, securing a win in every round. Despite the heat and humidity, Clarke kept pushing while Wach started to show signs of exhaustion.

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Clarke completed his first 10-round match, paving his way towards major title fights in the upcoming year.

Post the fight, Frazer Clarke said to Sky Sports, “I think I started well but faded as the fight progressed. Some of my moves were spot on, others not so much. I want to thank Ben Shalom and 258. This fight was really needed. It’s tough to break out when Mariusz Wach ties you up.”

Echoing similar thoughts, Ben Shalom told Sky Sports, “He had a great start and we thought the fight would end soon. But it’s fantastic he could experience a full 10 rounds. We made the right call for this fight.”

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