Who Won? Caroline Dubois – Rodriguez Fight Results

09/30/2023 - No comments

In her quick climb to boxing stardom, Caroline Dubois won the IBO World Lightweight Championship in her 8th professional fight, putting on a great performance against Mexico’s skilled Magali Rodriguez.

Live from the iconic York Hall in Bethnal Green, with a global audience tuning in via Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Main Event, Dubois lit up the scorecards. Judges were in agreement: 98-89, 97-90, and 99-88 all in her favor.

From the third round, it was evident Dubois had found her groove, peppering Rodriguez with body shots that had her double-guarding both head and torso. This tactic had Rodriguez playing defense, leaving her vulnerable to Dubois’ spot-on targeting.

Rodriguez found herself tasting canvas in the 6th, courtesy of Dubois’ sharp one-two combo ending in a jaw-jolting right hook. And just when we thought Rodriguez was out for the count in the 9th, a power-packed right sent her sprawling, teetering on the edge of dreamland. Yet, proving her mettle, Rodriguez rose and traded leather, showcasing her own impressive offense.

Now, here’s a fun tidbit: Dubois was a mere 8-year-old when Rodriguez debuted professionally. Talk about an age and experience gap! But watching tonight, you’d think it was Dubois with the years under her belt. This evening, she established herself as a boxing sensation, rising to the pinnacle of the sport.

Boasting the IBO belt at just 22? Caroline Dubois is on the fast track to multiple titles, and honestly, who’s brave enough to stand in her way?

Dubois chimed in post-fight, sharing with Sky Sports, “Rodriguez brought the heat. She was tenacious, even after I floored her. Tonight, I showcased some of my best, but trust me, there’s more in the tank. The knockout? Oh, I wanted it! Give it a few years, maybe when I hit 25 or 26. I’ll be delivering KO dreams, mark my words.”

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Ben Shalom, the big cheese at BOXXER, mirrored the excitement, gushing, “Caroline was electric. Rodriguez’s 9th-round recovery was mind-boggling. The lightweight division has seen some stale moments, with Katie Taylor reigning supreme. But watch out, world. Caroline Dubois is the new queen in town. I bet the top boxing organizations will soon echo that sentiment.”

Riley Dominates Quarless, Sep 23, 2023: English Championship in the Bag!

Stepping up his game, Viddal Riley notched his 10th victory, securing the English Championship with a stellar win over Nathan Quarless, who till then had an unblemished record.

People whispered that Quarless would be a significant hurdle. Well, Riley proved them wrong in style. He danced around the ring, delivering well-timed blows, asserting his dominance throughout. The British Championship might be next on his hit list. Regardless of his next opponent, it’s evident Riley’s not slowing down.

Talking to Sky Sports, Riley chirped, “I’ve finally made my mark! Kudos to my team, especially my old man. We’re well on our way!”

Ben Shalom, BOXXER’s main man, shared, “Riley’s on fire! Bet he’s got an eye on Chamberlain vs. Lawal on October 21st. Hands down, he’s our best mover.”

Macedo’s Might Ends TKV’s Streak in Round 6

The heavyweight bout took a turn when Jeamie TKV suffered a nasty cut. A relentless Igor Macedo left TKV in the rearview, marking his territory.

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Both giants traded heavy blows, but the result was a blow to TKV’s pride, thanks to that doctor’s intervention. Still, that experience will season him. Both fighters proved their mettle is unshakeable.

Macedo shared with Sky Sports, “I respect my opponent, but three knockouts in five fights? Look at my record! A rematch? Who knows!”

Simpson Shines Against Macias, Clinches UD Victory

Callum Simpson, the rising talent, showcased his boxing intellect against the tenacious Jose Macias. Though Macias came in as a last-minute swap, Simpson was clinical in his approach, sweeping every round and even scoring a knockdown.

Post-fight, Simpson remarked on Sky Sports, “It was all about a calculated game tonight. I kept my cool, landed my punches, and maintained my distance.”

Hennessy Debuts with a Bang, Takes Down Klos in Round 4

Francesca Hennessy, 18 and fresh on the scene, made an impact, stopping Sonia Klos in the 4th. Skillfully spotting weaknesses in Klos’s defenses, she dominated, ensuring a victorious debut.

Hennessy gushed, “A heartfelt thanks to my supporters tonight. This is just the beginning; the sky’s the limit!”

McKenna’s Unyielding Assault Ends Tetley in Round 6

Stephen McKenna showcased his taelnt, marking his 13th stoppage win in 14 professional bouts. Darren Tetley gave it a shot, but McKenna’s onslaught was simply too much. This victory hints at more action-packed bouts for the 26-year-old in the future.

McKenna reflected, “It was an intense bout. Tetley was no pushover. A valuable learning experience for sure.”