Wardley vs Adeleye, Joseph Parker vs Kean, Makhmudov vs Smakici Press Quotes

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NIGHT OF THE GIANTS JUST GOT BIGGER: All-Heavyweight Undercard to Support Fury-Ngannou Super Fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Fabio Wardley-David Adeleye, Joseph Parker-Simon Kean, Arslanbek Makhmudov-Agron Smakici and Moses Itauma highlight undercard extravaganza.

Fury-Ngannou and the heavyweight undercard will be available on TNT Sports Box Office in the UK.

Wardley remarked, “I’m in perfect health. My strength and determination remain unshaken. I feel powerful, and I continue to surpass my previous records.

The recent events have significantly intensified my urge to win by knockout. I pride myself on being a professional, and if an early finish is what’s needed, I’m prepared for it anytime.

Such challenges only ignite my passion further. It compels me to train more rigorously and to chase the win with even greater fervor.”

Adeleye expressed, “The thought of competing on an international platform in Saudi Arabia excites me. Everywhere I turn, there’s chatter about our fight. I plan to captivate the audience and prove that I stand out among the young heavyweights.”

Parker shared, “Returning to Saudi Arabia thrills me. My last visit was memorable as I was supporting another boxing match. This time, I’m the one stepping into the ring against the significant opponent, Simon Kean. I’m elated to be a part of such an esteemed event. My training has been rigorous, and I’m all set for the big day.”

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Kean conveyed, “Every fighter aspires for moments like these. This is the culmination of my hard work. Now, it’s my turn to shine.”

Makhmudov stated, “Fighting in Saudi Arabia has always been a dream. I feel blessed for this chance and anticipate giving a performance to remember.”

Frank Warren expressed, “This promises to be an exceptional fight. My first real interaction with Fabio, aside from a brief phone call. The essence of it all: two undefeated heavyweights, the emerging talents of boxing, taking center stage in a significant event, broadcast globally. The victor here will surely gain international attention, with the world watching closely. It’s a grand chance, and the excitement around it, and the entire event, is evident. This fight holds promise. There was an unfortunate situation previously, but let’s hope it’s in the past now. The emphasis should now be on the upcoming fight. Without a doubt, it’ll be thrilling.”

David Adeleye said, “From our previous encounter, I didn’t learn anything new about him. We’re quite different. It was evident to me. There’s no need to delve into past events, but I respond according to the vibe I get. I don’t bear ill intentions. Always cheerful and positive, I resonate with the energy I receive. And I manage that well. When you confronted me, you saw the outcome. There was an instability, prompting me to push you away. If there’s a disagreement and someone hefty advances, I stand firm. I’m not swayed by fear; it’s difficult to put into words, but it’s certainly not apprehension. A person like Fabio Wardley can’t induce such feelings in me. Why should he cause me any concern?”

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“As for compensation, it’s straightforward to defeat him. Eddie Hearn isn’t banking on you. What’s your point?”

Fabio Wardley retorted, “I can’t say I observed anything different from what I had perceived earlier, mainly his unstable demeanor. During prominent events, under the spotlight, one’s true nature becomes apparent. He seemed anxious and unsettled — traits we’d recognized. It wasn’t surprising, but it was intriguing to observe firsthand. I simply faced you, and you reacted. Is that how you handle anyone coming your way? So, I’m the one causing this reaction? In past confrontations, I remained composed, unflappable. My approach was a peace gesture. Our prior acquaintance was the reason I indicated no hostility was needed. We ought to act professionally. Engaging maturely should be the norm, without unnecessary confrontations.”

“It’s not merely about the money. I’m here because Frank discerned you’re not up to par. I reckon he’s wagering on me.”

“I’m unbound, free to choose my path.”

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