War Of Words Between Rolly Romero & Isaac Cruz

03/15/2024 - No comments

Rolando Romero and Isaac Cruz turned their virtual press conference into a battleground, each promising to deliver a spectacle that would steal the show for the year. The stage is set for a clash that’s got fans on the edge of their seats, and it’s all happening at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Romero is stepping into the ring fresh from a victory that had him wrapping the WBA Super Lightweight World Champion belt around his waist. He’s looking to fend off Cruz, a fierce competitor from Mexico City with a hot winning streak, making his much-awaited 140-pound debut.

These two didn’t hold back, switching to Spanish to amp up the intensity, each confident that they’ll be the one to watch. With TGB Promotions pulling the strings and No Limit Boxing in the mix, this is shaping up to be a fight that’ll have everyone talking. If you’re keen on witnessing this showdown live, you better hurry to AXS.com for your tickets.


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“If you want to come right at me and get cracked, go for it. He can do all that stuff with the small guys he fights, but I’m a big fighter and I hit harder than anyone at the weight class.

“I’m always here to go for the knockout and to go for the kill. I’m not here to just touch you, I want to pop you.

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“He’s not that unique. I fight guys like him all the time. This has probably been the easiest time I’ve ever had finding sparring in my life. He can be replicated, I can’t. My style goes hand in hand with my personality, it’s unique.

“We’ll see who the coward is on March 30. Once he gets cracked by me a few times, he’s not gonna come forward like that anymore.

“I’m gonna knock him out. He’s gonna come forward and I’m gonna stop him. He gets hit with everything, so it could be any kind of punch.

“I used to train with Ismael Salas before I turned pro, so it felt good to go back to basics for this training camp with him and get back to being me. Salas has had so many champions and I feel very comfortable being back with him.

“I know the Mexican fans are gonna be riding with him, but no matter what, it’s gonna be a spectacular fight and fireworks for sure.”


“First thing’s first, I want to shut Rolly’s loud mouth up and take the belt away from him. Then I’m going after all the best fighters in the division.

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“I’m very excited to have this great opportunity on March 30. Training camp has been very intense because we don’t want anything to get in our way of becoming world champion.

“I’m not about to underestimate or overlook anybody. He’s had his success for a reason. I’m just getting ready to shut his mouth punch by punch and make him talk a little less. I hope he fights the way he talks on March 30.

“I’m not worried about Rolly, I just worry about my game. He’s never fought anyone as aggressive as me or who pressures like I do.

“We waited for the opportunity at 135 to fight for the world title again, but now we’re glad to have it come at 140 pounds. We’ve had a great plan to add the extra weight and use it in our strategy to win on March 30.

“This fight is everything for me. Winning this fight is the key to opening the door to all of the big fights in the sport.

“I haven’t had any trouble finding people like him in sparring. I can find cowards who don’t really like to fight anywhere.”