Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse Wins WBC Heavyweight Title in Montreal

03/09/2024 - No comments

Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse, boasting a commendable tally of 7 victories and 2 knockouts, clashed with Abril Vidal, who held a respectable record of 10 victories, 2 defeats, and 4 knockouts. This confrontation, masterfully orchestrated by Eye of the Tiger, saw Lepage-Joanisse rise to the occasion, securing the WBC world heavyweight championship title through a closely contested split decision.

Exhilarated by her triumph, Vanessa expressed her elation, stating, “Dreams do indeed become reality, and when they materialize, it feels as if the most extraordinary day of your life has just unfolded. Objective achieved!” Originating from the Outaouais region, she reclaimed the title that eluded her seven years prior in Mexico against Alejandra Jimenez, under disputable conditions.

The event, aligning with International Women’s Day, was nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. Camille Estephan, the visionary behind EOTTM, lavished praise on Vanessa, encapsulating her journey in three impactful words: Heart, tenacity, and inspiration. “Vanessa, your victory transcends the title; you illuminate the path for all of Quebec,” he observed.

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Lepage-Joanisse’s triumph isn’t merely a personal accolade; it signifies a pivotal moment for Quebec’s sporting landscape and a significant stride for women’s boxing in the area. She now joins the ranks as the third Quebecer to secure a world title and the inaugural heavyweight champion.

The unwavering commitment and sacrifices of her team, spearheaded by seasoned coach Stéphane Joanisse, have culminated in this moment, hinting at more exhilarating narratives on the horizon for Quebec sports.

The evening also featured a lineup of compelling fights, paving the way for Vanessa’s landmark victory. Montreal’s Steven Butler dispatched Steve Rolls in the opening round, an unprecedented achievement against Rolls. Osleys Iglesias mirrored this feat, overcoming Marcelo Coceres in the first round, highlighting the formidable prowess within EOTTM’s roster.

Arthur Biyarslanov captivated the audience with his surgical body shots, clinching victory in the third round. The event was replete with swift triumphs, with Luis Santana, Jhon Orobio, and Wilkens Mathieu securing rapid victories, while Mehmet Unal stretched his limits by reaching the 8th round for the first time in his career.

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