Tim Tszyu vs Brian Mendoza – Viewing Details & Start Time

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Tim Tszyu, 28-year-old boxing sensation from Australia, is preparing to step into the ring for a defense of his WBO super-welterweight world title. The big date is October 14, live on SHowtime at 10:30 pm ET, at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia.

This upcoming fight is more than just another bout for Tszyu; it’s his first defense since being crowned a full-fledged champion. The whole scene got shaken up when Jermell Charlo was slated to face Canelo Alvarez on September 30. Now, if the WBC follows the WBO’s lead and strips Charlo’s title, Mendoza could rise up, giving the fight an even bigger edge as a potential unification clash.

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What’s clear is Tszyu’s unyielding determination. This match is his third in a whirlwind seven months. From his decisive knockout of former WBC champion Tony Harrison in March to his victory over the skilled Mexican Carlos Ocampo in July, he’s on a roll.

His opponent, Mendoza, isn’t lagging either. His knockout of Jeison Rosario last November and a ruthless triumph over Sebastian Fundora have put him on the map, capturing the WBC interim-title at 154-pounds. Hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 29, Mendoza is a force to be reckoned with, surprising top fighters with his strength and seeming effortlessness.

The stakes for the October 15 showdown are sky-high. With the potential of challenging Jermell Charlo for an undisputed title on the line, all eyes are on this matchup.

Tszyu’s own words convey his excitement and focus: “I’m up for a real fight,” he confides, his eyes alive with purpose. “Mendoza? He’ll test me like never before. Yeah, he’s the underdog, but Australia won’t throw him off his game. He just won’t find any fans in his corner here.”

His passion evident, he adds, ” it’s going to be fireworks. We both wantthe fight, deliver hard punches, and revel in those unforgettable knockouts—the kind that fans can’t stop watching.”

Reflecting on his path, Tszyu candidly shares, “The road to undisputed is wild, and I’m all in for the ride.”

George Rose, the CEO of No Limit Boxing, is equally enthused. “Tim Tszyu is leading his division, and he’s aiming for the top. He asked for Mendoza, one of the toughest out there, and that’s exactly what he got.”

In an animated tone, Rose continues, “We could’ve played it safe, but Tim? He’s driven by the thrill, the relentless focus. This is more than just a bout; this is THE match.”

He caps it off with a tribute to the sport itself: “When you’re in Tim’s league, chasing ‘undisputed’, you go all out. Mendoza brings that buzz, that edge. It’s risky, sure, but this is boxing, and now it’s Tim’s turn in the spotlight.”

George Rose, No Limit Boxing CEO:

“This upcoming fight holds significant importance for both the Gold Coast and Australia as a whole.

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“Experiencing the excitement of a world title fight week, especially in one of Australia’s prime spots, is an unforgettable spectacle. Carlos Ocampo’s recent knockout was an eye-opener and made a significant impression on boxing fans worldwide.

“With the prospect of this being Tim’s last fight on home ground for a while, the stakes are raised even higher. Brian Mendoza, given his ranking, is undeniably a formidable opponent.

“Given Mendoza’s number two standing in the division, the intensity of this showdown is unmatched. Fans should be prepared for an electrifying atmosphere right from the get-go.”

Stirling Hinchliffe, Queensland Tourism and Sport Minister:

“The Gold Coast stands as an exemplary venue for this world title fight.

“We’re thrilled that Tim has once again selected the esteemed Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre as his battleground. Following his previous astounding victory, fans are eagerly awaiting his next bout.

“This fight, generously supported by Tourism and Events Queensland, promises to be a significant economic catalyst. With enthusiasts pouring in nationwide and the breathtaking Gold Coast scenes being showcased globally, the benefits are manifold.

“We project that the influx of visitors will have a robust economic impact, with estimates suggesting nearly 7,500 nights’ stay and expenditures nearing $4 million. This will invigorate our hospitality industry and reinforce local tourism vocations.”

Mayor Tom Tate, Gold Coast:

“The wait is over! Australia’s paramount world title fight this year is set to unfold right here on our beautiful Gold Coast,” declared Mayor Tom Tate.

“Tim has, in a way, become a local icon for Gold Coasters. It’s exhilarating to have him choose our city for this monumental event.

“This fight night promises a historic clash between two titans of the WBO and WBC Super Welterweight divisions. I’m fervently supporting Tim to shine bright on October 15 and make Australia proud.”


“It feels great returning to the Gold Coast. My outings have been limited, but the affection is undeniable, a key reason for my frequent returns. This place is like another home, and I’m grateful for the continuous support.

“I’m utterly focused. There’s zero affection involved (in my relationship with Mendoza). That’s a standard sentiment towards all my rivals. Every aspect of them irks me, driving me towards one sole objective: triumph, no matter the cost.

“He’s here to seize what I’ve strived for. In warrior terms, it’s a defense of my territory. He’s invading my space, and I won’t permit any attempt at usurpation.

“He seems decent, and I don’t engage in jeering or such acts. However, on the night of the fight, he’ll certainly sense the adversarial atmosphere of Tszyu territory.

“I refrain from drawing parallels (regarding who hits harder). He boasts some impressive knockout reels, but I plan to add one more.

“My record stands undefeated at 23-0, a testament to my enigmatic style. He’s ascending, gaining momentum. But the figure 23 speaks volumes – it’s indisputable.

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“My sights transcend a singular world title. I’m vying for the complete set of four. This ambition stems from one individual’s apprehension, but my aspiration encompasses all. Currently, my mind is anchored in the now, not preoccupied with that other individual.

“Don’t divert your gaze for a second.”


“Face-to-face interactions here have been warm and welcoming. I understand I might not be the crowd favorite, but I anticipate earning several more admirers post-fight.

“The sensation was indescribable (following the knockout victory over Sebastian Fundora), especially considering my underdog status. It realized a fantasy, an exhilaration I’ll pursue indefinitely.

“In my recurring visions (concerning this fight), a constant remains: I emerge victorious.

“My journey mirrors a real-world Rocky narrative. Though unintended, my career has witnessed peaks and troughs. From relative anonymity, I’ve battled back, now in pursuit of excellence and a coveted title. This isn’t solely for me; it’s transformative for my kin and circle, and that’s my combat fuel.

“His opinion is immaterial (regarding his sentiments about me). The ring demands our presence. Regardless of affection or animosity, my purpose is unwavering: to conquer and accomplish the mission.”

Tszyu vs. Mendoza Start Time

When’s The Rumble? Date: Saturday, October 14 (it’s Sunday, October 15 in Australia).

Time: 12:30 p.m. AEST on Sunday for the Aussies, 10:30 p.m. ET for my American pals, and a wee-hour start at 3:30 a.m. for the UK folks. Grab your coffee, UK!

Tuning In? For the Yanks: Check it out on Showtime! For the Brits: Keep your eyes peeled – they’re still figuring out which channel will treat you to the action.

Tim Tszyu’s Stats:

  • Flying the Aussie flag!
  • Born: November 2, 1994
  • Height: Ain’t he tall? 5′ 8.5″
  • Wingspan: 72″
  • Stepped into the ring 23 times and smashed it every time: 23-0 (with a solid 17 KOs)

Brian Mendoza’s Numbers:

  • Proudly American!
  • Birthday Bells on February 13, 1994
  • Standing tall at 5′ 10″
  • Reach? Not bad at 70″
  • Got into 24 fights and has a respectable score of 22-2 (16 of those being KOs)

What’s On The Card? (Apart from some excitement)

  1. Main Event: Tim Tszyu vs. Brian Mendoza – All eyes on Tszyu’s WBO light middleweight title.
  2. Sam Goodman vs. Miguel Flores: We’re talking Featherweight action.
  3. Nathaniel May vs. Jackson Jon England: Battling for the vacant IBF Australasian super-featherweight title.
  4. Sergei Vorobev vs. Wade Ryan: A light middleweight scuffle.
  5. Shanell Dargan vs. Amber Amelia: Super bantamweight ladies ready to showcase their skills!
  6. Hassan Hamdan vs. Danvers Cuschieri: Welterweight matchup.
  7. Toese Vousiutu vs. Julius Long: Heavyweight thrills.

Ringside Prediction: While both fighters have impressive records, Tszyu’s undefeated streak and home advantage might give him the edge in this fight. Mendoza is a tough foe but Tszyu’s track record and relentless fighting style make him a slight favorite.