Top Rank Signs Super Middleweight Sensation Christian Mbilli

03/12/2024 - No comments

Christian Mbilli, the beast from Cameroon now calling Montreal his den, has just teamed up with Top Rank in a big-deal partnership, joining forces with Eye of the Tiger. This guy’s record? A clean 26-0, with 22 of those wins by knockout. Yeah, he’s not here to play patty-cake.

Top 5 in all the big leagues and sitting pretty at No. 2 with Ring Magazine, Mbilli’s next fight announcement is on the horizon, and with Top Rank and Eye of the Tiger in his corner, you bet it’s gonna be something to watch.

Mbilli’s buzzing about the deal, saying it’s a dream team scenario on his march to snatch a world championship belt. And let’s be real, with a squad like this, who’s gonna bet against him?

Camille Estephan from Eye of the Tiger is all in, talking about synergy like it’s the secret sauce to Mbilli’s success. And Bob Arum from Top Rank? He’s seen what Mbilli can do up close and personal, and he’s sold. Says Mbilli’s got that special something in the super middleweight division.

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Mbilli’s backstory? Reads like a movie script. Moved from Cameroon to France when he was just a kid, laced up his gloves at 15, and started stacking up wins. Fast forward through a shining amateur career, a pivot to the pros in Montreal under the wing of Marc Ramsay, and a slew of knockouts that have fans on the edge of their seats. His recent takedown of Rohan Murdock? Just a taste of what’s coming.

With this new powerhouse alliance, Mbilli’s path to the top just got a whole lot clearer. The boxing world better be on watch because it looks like Mbilli’s just getting started.