TNT Sports Box Office: Fury v Ngannou – Free-to-air undercard stream!

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As the entire sports universe turns its gaze towards the colossal showdown between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou this Saturday, there’s even more good news for boxing fans. Before the main event kicks off, TNT Sports Box Office is generously offering a taste of the action with a free-to-air undercard stream.

Starting at 6pm UK time, the undercard will be available live both on TNT Sports Box Office and on TNT Sports Boxing’s official YouTube channel. And here’s the cherry on top: the first hour of this broadcast is accessible for all, free of charge!

YouTube video

 Watch Fury v Ngannou exclusively live from Riyadh Season, Saudi Arabia on TNT Sports Box Office, Saturday 28th October. The undercard will go live on TNT Sports Box Office from 6pm UK time, and guess what? The first hour is open for all to enjoy. Dive deeper at:

Joseph Parker:

“Even when facing someone like Tyson Fury, I believe we’ve done everything possible during our training. Our preparations for Simon Kean have been thorough. We hold a deep respect for him as a fighter. Being aware of his impressive record of knockouts, we’ve ensured we’re fully ready for whatever he brings to the table.”

“I’ll stick to Andy Lee’s strategy and aim to land my punches squarely.”

Simon Kean:

“Facing Joseph is a significant test for me. He mentioned earlier this week his intention to knock me out. Naturally, that’s his goal, just as mine is to knock him out. It’s the nature of boxing. I acknowledge the gravity of this challenge. A standout performance is necessary for a victory. But with the excellent preparation I’ve had, I feel poised to surprise everyone.”

Arslanbek Makhmudov:

“He possesses a respectable defense and speed. In terms of height, he’s different from my usual opponents, which will be a refreshing variation for me. I won’t claim a guaranteed knockout, but I’ll put forth my utmost effort. I’m committed to delivering a memorable show.”

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David Adeleye:

“This event is significant, and I’m fortunate to be involved. Come Saturday, I aim to claim four titles. The ambiance is overwhelming; it’s my first time in such a grand fight. My gratitude goes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and His Excellency for hosting us. This is truly an honor. I’m absorbing the moment.

“Do I appear uneasy? I assure you, I’m calm. This situation isn’t foreign to me; I’ve imagined it repeatedly. I shine when I’m in the limelight, and I embrace it.

“Regarding his previous opponents, I’m confident I’d achieve similar results if faced with them. Saturday will end the speculation and reveal his true grit.

“We are distinctly different. Observing his actions and demeanor, it’s clear we are not cut from the same cloth. Ultimately, the outcome on the fight night is paramount. His other actions don’t concern me.

“When the fight intensifies and I push the pace, how will he fare? From what I’ve heard, he struggles in training sessions. Yet, he might not have heard similar tales about me.”

Fabio Wardley:

“Currently, I hold two titles and aim to exit with four after the event. This night holds a unique promise. While there’s much to anticipate, the fight between David and me has garnered significant attention. I’m gearing up for an exciting evening.

“At our initial press conference, I wouldn’t say he agitated me. However, I felt it was crucial to set the record straight about professional decorum, especially during such an important announcement. There are standards of behavior to uphold.

Frank Warren:

“This is absolutely astonishing! Between Bob and I, we’ve accumulated over a century of promoting, yet this event has taken me by surprise. Bob shares the sentiment. The promotional efforts and organization here are unparalleled. The fact that the venue was constructed in just 90 days speaks volumes about the dedication of those involved.

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“I can’t help but admire the work of His Excellency Turki Alalshikh and his team. Their accomplishments here are noteworthy and, from our viewpoint, will be remembered historically. Now in its fourth Riyadh Season, who could’ve predicted we’d see a British and Commonwealth title fight taking place in Saudi Arabia?

“This event is simply spectacular. We’re witnessing another pioneering moment with this fight. Two unbeaten fighters with a collective 28 fights, both known for their power. The tension between them might’ve made headlines, but all disagreements are in the past. Now, the spotlight will be on the actual fight.

“Both fighters are highly driven. Having spoken to each of them, it’s clear they recognize the magnitude of this opportunity. This fight has global attention, serving as the primary undercard event. For the victor, this is their chance to shine and ascend to even greater heights in the boxing world.

“And who can say? Perhaps a few Riyadh Seasons down the line, our champion might headline an event right here.”

“David’s performances have been against less challenging opponents. I haven’t seen any evidence in his fights to give me pause. To me, it seems like a facade.

“The boxing fans have noticed his weaknesses. In challenging times, he believes he can handle the pressure, but past instances suggest otherwise. While he possesses innate talent and an undefeated record, which are factors to acknowledge, I don’t regard him as the most challenging or skilled fighter I’ve faced. My past record stands testament to my capabilities.”