Tim Tszyu Talks Charlo, Ocampo and Spence

06/16/2023 - No comments

Tim Tszyu has his sights set on Jermell Charlo. Speaking to Fight Hype, Tszyu said:  “Considering that I didn’t need to take this fight, that I could have sat out and waited for Charlo in September… yes, I think it’s for everyone else to judge my warrior spirit.”

Tthe recent dog bite incident involving Tszyu had raised questions about his readiness. Having viewed the photos of the wound, Tszyu assured, “That’s what happened and there’s no hiding now.”

Do these personal trials and tribulations augment a fighter’s resolve or undermine their spirit?

The Potential Las Vegas Showdown

Looking to the future, plans are brewing for Tszyu to fight in Las Vegas next year during an Australian Carnival with the NRL game. “Every opponent, every fight, I get the same feeling,” Tszyu admitted. “My mentality is like a pit bull right now.”

In the face of challenge, it is fascinating to delve into the mindset of a fighter. “That guy’s trying to take away everything that I’m trying to achieve. Respect’s always been my main attitude. I always give respect to my opponents, but there’s no love,” Tszyu disclosed.

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Is it possible that this detachment and unwavering focus could become the trademark for the new generation of boxers?

Tszyu on Ocampo and Spence: A Respectful Perspective

Reflecting on his impending match with Ocampo, Tszyu revealed a clear sense of respect for his opponent. The intriguing dynamic of this encounter was further amplified given that Ocampo previously suffered a brutal loss to Errol Spence.

When asked about the possibility of delivering a similar blow to Ocampo as Spence did, Tszyu rejected the idea, “No, I’m not going for something like that. We’re here for a responsible bout.”

However, it’s worth pondering: could Tszyu’s respectful demeanor blur his focus on victory? Or does it symbolize a maturing boxer’s understanding that each fight is a unique entity, influenced by countless variables beyond past performances?

Tszyu seemed to align with the latter notion, demonstrating a thorough understanding of boxing’s unpredictable nature, “I know that he’s going to be tough and it could go the whole 12 rounds. The main thing is to put on a clinic.”

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In contrast to the sensationalism often associated with the sport, Tszyu’s measured approach to this upcoming fight is remarkably refreshing. Yet, one cannot help but question: could this rationality be a double-edged sword, mitigating the raw determination required to triumph in the ring?

An intriguing subplot in this narrative is Tszyu’s acknowledgment of Ocampo’s career post-Spence, “After Errol Spence, he’s done a lot. I can’t disrespect him like that, taking him out in one round. That’s not going to happen. It could happen, but I respect his journey.”

With this statement, Tszyu once again reflects a respectful detachment from the boxing norms. Could this enlightened perspective be the missing link that transforms boxers into champions? As Tszyu’s career unfolds, these questions and more will undoubtedly be answered.

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