Steven Butler – Steve Rolls Fight Results

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In Montreal, Canada, Steven Butler delivered a thunderous end to Steve Rolls’ night in less than a round. With a devastating right, Butler had Rolls cornered and defenseless, quickly sealing the deal with a pair of left hooks, prompting the referee to call it quits at just 65 seconds into the fight.

Butler, tipping the scales at 160 lbs and hailing from Montreal, now boasts a record of 34 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw, with 28 of those victories coming by knockout. Rolls, slightly lighter at 159 lbs from Toronto, adjusts his record to 22 wins and 4 losses.

In a dramatic one-round showdown, Osleys Iglesias sent former world title contender Marcelo Coceres packing. A precise strike to the temple was all it took for Iglesias to floor Coceres, who couldn’t beat the count, ending the fight at 2 minutes and 6 seconds.

Iglesias, at 168.9 lbs from Berlin, Germany, remains unbeaten at 10-0, with nine of those wins by knockout. Coceres, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, now stands at 32 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw.

Vanessa Lepage-Joanisse emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle against Abril Vidal to claim the vacant WBC Heavyweight title. Despite a bloody nose from the third round, Lepage-Joanisse and Vidal exchanged powerful blows in a fight that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The decision was split, but Lepage-Joanisse, weighing in at 173.3 lbs from Saint Andre-Auccin, Quebec, took home the title with scores of 97-93 on two cards, while Vidal, at 170.7 lbs from Centenario, Argentina, secured a 96-94 score on one card.

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Arthur Biyarslanov demonstrated his power against Cristian Palma, concluding their junior welterweight clash in the third round. A body shot at the end of the second round was a sign of things to come, as another body shot in the third sent Palma down for good, with the referee halting the bout at the final bell of the round.

Biyarslanov, from Toronto, now stands undefeated at 14-0, with 12 knockouts, while Palma, from Lautaro, Chile, moves to a record of 33 wins, 14 losses, and 2 draws.

In a rapid lightweight tussle, Luis Santana made quick work of Emiliano Garcia, dropping him in the first round and then again in the second with a commanding left, leading to a count-out at 1 minute and 31 seconds.

Santana, at 136.9 lbs from Montreal, continues his unbeaten streak at 11-0, with five knockouts. Garcia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, now holds a record of 19 wins, 10 losses, and 1 draw.

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Mehmet Unal kept his undefeated record intact with a unanimous decision victory over Facundo Galovar in a light heavyweight duel, winning convincingly with scores reflecting his dominance in the ring.

Jhon Orobio maintained his perfect knockout record by taking down Cristian Gonzalez in the second round of their lightweight bout. A jab to the body followed by a right sent Gonzalez to the mat twice, ending the fight at 2 minutes and 51 seconds.

Finally, Wilkens Mathieu kept his record unblemished, stopping Patrick Fiala in the second round of their super middleweight clash. A left hook and a flurry of punches were enough for the referee to step in at 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Hey, boxing aficionados, what’s your take on these electrifying outcomes? Who do you think stood out and who’s next to dominate the ring?