Sports streamer FITE becomes TrillerTV

12/11/2023 - No comments

Big news in the world of sports streaming! FITE is getting a major makeover and reemerging as the flashy and fabulous TrillerTV. This isn’t just a name change; it’s a leap into a future filled with even more sports categories and a snazzy partnership with its parent company, Triller. Fear not, fight fans – the PPV platform, subscription channel, and FAST channel you’ve come to love are still delivering the same top-notch action, only now they’re turbocharged with Triller’s massive resources and reach. We’re talking major growth, folks, through exciting acquisitions and some big-time sports rights deals.

Michael Weber, the Co-Founder and COO of TrillerTV, can barely contain his excitement. “Think of TrillerTV as the FITE you’ve always loved, but now with extra sports sprinkled on top,” he says. He’s tipping his hat to the loyal customers, promoters, and athletes who’ve been the backbone of FITE. Now, it’s time to amp up the experience, adding more of the passion and precision that makes sports oh-so-amazing.

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Since its birth in 2015, FITE has been the cool kid on the block, using cutting-edge AI to make sure viewers get an experience that’s nothing short of awesome. The platform has grown like a weed, thanks to a team crazy about sports, reaching 8 million registered users globally and showcasing jaw-dropping events. And let’s not forget their subscription services – AEW Plus, FITE+, and the always-on FITE 24/7. With the rebrand, say hello to TrillerTV+ and TrillerTV 24/7, while AEW Plus keeps rocking its name. The cherry on top? New geo-tagged pricing for TrillerTV+ and AEW Plus, making them even more appealing to international audiences.

Kosta Jordanov, the other half of the founding duo and CEO of TrillerTV, is just as thrilled. “FITE’s rocked the world with thousands of live events globally. Now, as TrillerTV, we’re diving into more sports, upping our brand game, and pushing our tech to new heights. It’s all about giving our viewers the best in sports and entertainment streaming,” he beams.

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Mahi de Silva, the big boss at Triller, is over the moon. The launch of TrillerTV is the dream outcome of acquiring FITE – expanding from combat sports to a wider array of sports and entertainment across the globe. “TrillerTV exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment everywhere – on your phone, computer, streaming devices, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles. It’s all about bringing quality entertainment right to your fingertips,” he adds.