Savannah Marshall & Claressa Shields Come Face-to-face In The PFL Smartcage

08/23/2023 - No comments

Last night, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) welcomed Savannah Marshall into their ranks, the stage set in the SmartCage in New York City ahead of the much-anticipated PFL Playoffs, broadcast live on DAZN. The news created waves as it led to a face-to-face encounter with her long-time competitor, Clarissa Shields.

Marshall, an influential boxing superstar, is taking an unprecedented step into the world of MMA, joining the PFL SmartCage. She will now become part of the world’s most elite female combat sports roster, an impressive lineup that includes the likes of two-time Olympic gold medalists Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields, PFL World Champion Larissa Pacheco, and the phenomenal Amanda Serrano. Collectively, these women are the backbone of the PFLW, a revolutionary initiative that brings women’s combat sports into the spotlight, maintaining PFL’s fighter-first, merit-driven approach to MMA.

The CEO of PFL, Peter Murray, expressed his excitement: “The addition of two-time boxing world champion, Savannah Marshall, to the Professional Fighters League, heralds an exhilarating era for PFL. As we inaugurate PFLW, Savannah Marshall’s presence fortifies our global roster, making it the most formidable in women’s combat sports. PFLW stands firmly for female athlete empowerment and equality, forging a path for women to triumph as PFL MMA champions.”

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Marshall herself conveyed her enthusiasm, stating, “Beginning my MMA journey with The Professional Fighters League is a thrilling prospect. I am honored to stand alongside the world’s most skilled female combat sports athletes, working to elevate the status of women in sports through PFLW.”

PFLW represents more than just an innovation in sports; it’s a pledge by the Professional Fighters League to cultivate and equalize opportunities for women in combat sports. The vision for PFLW is to create a space where equality reigns, both inside and outside of the PFL SmartCage.