Roamer Alexis Angulo Triumphs – Fight Results

03/03/2024 - No comments

Roamer Alexis Angulo, hailing from Colombia, wrapped his gloves around the NABA WBA Gold Light Heavyweight Title, leaving Oscar Rojas in the dust. The clash, which unfolded on the first of March, saw Angulo running circles around Rojas, leaving the judges with no choice but to tip their hats to him with scores of 100-90, 100-90, and a slightly more generous 99-91.

Angulo, a force of nature in the ring, backed by the wizardry of Pedro Diaz from Mundo Boxing, made the fight look like a walk in the park. His mix of relentless aggression, top-notch fitness, and slick moves left Rojas grasping at straws.

This win isn’t just another feather in Angulo’s cap; it’s a thunderous declaration in the light heavyweight division, signaling a fiery comeback. After taking a breather for almost two years post a tough loss to Edgar Berlanga in 2022, the 39-year-old Angulo has bounced back, eyes gleaming with the same old hunger for a world title shot. Past tussles with heavy hitters like ‘Zurdo’ Ramírez and David Benavidez haven’t dimmed his spirit one bit.

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Angulo’s not just hanging in there; he’s gunning for the top, proving age is just a number when you’re chasing greatness in the ring’s twilight. Dive into the full story at Mundo Boxing.