Rising Welterweight Star Avious Griffin Pairs Up with Top Strength Coach Larry Wade

10/11/2023 - No comments

Avious Griffin (13-0, 12 KOs), currently a promotional free agent, just cranked his career game up a notch by teaming up with globally acclaimed strength and conditioning guru, Larry Wade. This powerful alliance, kicking off this month, promises to supercharge Griffin’s training routine and skyrocket his in-ring performance.

Larry Wade, famed for sculpting elite athletes into champions, brings a treasure trove of experience and knowledge to Griffin’s corner. As the duo collaborates, they’re laser-focused on enhancing Griffin’s boxing prowess, boosting his stamina, and gearing him up to tackle the grueling world of pro boxing.

The ever-ambitious Griffin couldn’t hold back his excitement, stating, “Linking arms with Coach Larry Wade? Now that’s a career power move! The man’s expertise and training arsenal are unrivaled. We’ve already made some leaps in training, and under Coach Wade’s wing, I see myself soaring to new peaks in the welterweight arena.”

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Larry Wade, echoing Griffin’s optimism, remarked, “Avious is a dynamite of talent, and at CLW Performance, we’re thrilled to be in this journey with him. We’re looking at molding him, maximizing his endurance, and honing his technique. The welterweight division better watch out because with our combined efforts, Avious is all set to reign supreme.”

Brandon Stump, the bigwig at CTB Athletics and Griffin’s main man, voiced his endorsement: “Avious is a diamond in the rough, and partnering with Coach Larry Wade just upped his shine. This collaboration embodies our commitment to propelling Avious to the zenith of his career. With such a promising future, we can’t wait to see him dazzle even more.”

The spotlight is already on Avious Griffin, thanks to his spotless record and his knack for delivering knockouts. Add to the mix Larry Wade’s seasoned guidance, and you have a boxer poised to send shockwaves through the pro boxing circuit.

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