Ricky Hatton Weighs in on the Wood vs. Warrington Showdown

10/06/2023 - No comments

Ricky Hatton Interview with Mighty Tips Discussing the Leigh Wood vs. Josh Warrington Showdown

Interviewer (I): Ricky, how significant do you think the fight between Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington is?

Ricky Hatton (RH): It’s truly a shame I won’t be attending. Josh Warrington is someone I consider a good friend, and my relationship with Leigh Wood is also quite strong. I have immense respect for Leigh. The showdown between Leeds and Nottingham promises to be intense. I genuinely hope the fans remain respectful and supportive, reflecting the spirit of their fighters.

The current noise about boxing concerns me. Critics say it’s losing its charm because some awaited fights aren’t happening, and then there’s the rise of YouTubers in the ring. But this clash between Warrington and Wood is authentic boxing at its best. This is the kind of fight the sport needs to reclaim its glory. As for YouTubers and MMA fighters dipping their toes in boxing, it’s not their presence but the choices within boxing itself that might be causing the perceived dip.

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I: Ricky, do you see any of yourself in either of the fighters?

RH: I definitely resonate with Josh. His deep pride for Leeds and the massive support he receives from fans is something I’ve felt. Similarly, Leigh holds Nottingham close to his heart. They both have such grounded personalities. It’s going to be tough watching two friends compete, especially given the potential for it to be a memorable fight of the year. I send them both my best wishes.

I: How would you call the outcome?

RH: It’s honestly up in the air. Josh boasts experience and a tough spirit. However, if we’re getting into details, Leigh Wood seems to have the momentum right now, especially with Josh’s one win in his last four fights. Josh has always dreamt of showcasing his skills in America, especially with the dedicated Leeds fans backing him. This fight might be his gateway, so the stakes are make-or-break for him. Recalling Leigh’s comeback during the Conlan fight, it’s clear he’s not backing down either. Both fighters have big opportunities awaiting them post this fight, and it’s hard to pinpoint who has the upper hand. The outcome could be swayed by sheer determination. Given how both fighters wear their emotions openly, predicting a winner is nearly impossible.

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