Rematch: Jose Valenzuela vs Chris Colbert on December 16 – SHOWTIME

12/07/2023 - No comments

Boxing legend and mic wizard Al Bernstein is all set to dazzle us with his ringside magic for the SHOWTIME Championship Boxing finale on December 16. The main dish? A sizzling lightweight rematch between Jose Valenzuela and Chris Colbert. These two pugilists are set to tango again, sharing the spotlight with the hefty 168-pound showdown featuring David Morrell and Sean Agbeko. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET for this telecast bonanza on SHOWTIME.

Last time these two gladiators clashed, it was a razor-thin 10-round thriller on March 25, with Colbert snatching a 95-94 verdict amidst a storm of controversy. Valenzuela, having floored Colbert early on and putting him in a pickle more than once, just couldn’t seal the deal. Bernstein quipped, “Both these warriors were hungry for redemption after previous stumbles. Valenzuela’s thunderous punches almost sent Colbert packing, but ‘the clever fox’ danced through danger, clinching a victory – though not without raising a few eyebrows. A rematch? Absolutely needed. And I bet it’ll be a rollercoaster, just like the first. Last time, Colbert found his groove in the later rounds. Will he keep the rhythm, or will Valenzuela land the showstopper this time? Valenzuela’s vowed to keep it out of the judges’ hands. The stakes? A shot at the lightweight crown.”

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Wrapping up SHOWTIME’s epic 37-year boxing saga, Bernstein, a fixture since 2003, reminisces about his two-decade joyride. From calling electrifying fights to teaming up with top-notch crews, he’s seen it all. “It’s been a wild, unforgettable journey,” he says, “Full of knockout moments and ringside camaraderie. As this chapter closes, I’m all geared up for the next adventure.”