Pryce Taylor to make pro debut December 1 at home in New York City

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Looks like Pryce Taylor missed his calling as a banker or a high-flyin’ lawyer, right? Wrong. Keep an eye on this guy. He’s not your everyday suit and tie dude. He’s stepping into the ring for the first time as a pro on December 1st at the Melrose Ballroom, Queens. Yeah, that’s in New York, if you didn’t catch that.

This big guy, standing at 6’ 4” and tipping the scales at 240, is set to throw down with Mike Diorio from Cortland, NY. It’s a four-rounder, but don’t blink. Taylor’s not just stopping there. His manager, Keith Sullivan, has him lined up for another scrap on December 16th at Sony Hall, Times Square. Busy guy, huh?

Taylor’s buzzing about his first pro fight. “It’s perfect,” he says, all hyped about fighting in his hometown. He’s chomping at the bit to ditch the headgear and slip on those smaller gloves.

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Now, Taylor isn’t your cookie-cutter rookie. Started boxing late, at 27, and he’s in a hurry to make a splash. He’s got that ‘old-school’ fighter spirit, itching to fight every week if he could.

Sullivan’s all in on Taylor, seeing something big in him both inside and outside the ring. “Limitless future,” he says. And guess what? Taylor’s a bit of a germaphobe. Doesn’t dig blood. His solution? Knock ’em out fast, keep it clean. Smart, right?

Taylor, trained by Manny Roman, is no stranger to the ring. A two-time New York Golden Gloves champ, but always the runner-up in the USA Nationals. Missed the boat for the Olympics, but he’s not sweating it. He’s got his eyes on the pro prize now.

You think he’s just about the ring? Nope. He’s got a plan B – snagging a dual passport, maybe boxing for Senegal in the Olympics. But for now, he’s all about stacking up those pro fights and gunning for the heavyweight title.

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Taylor’s not your one-trick pony in the ring. He can mix it up – box, brawl, get tricky or awkward. His motto? Beat up the other guy, plain and simple.

So, remember the name – Pryce Taylor. This Brooklyn guy might just be the next big thing in the heavyweight scene.

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