Ebanie Bridges: “Piers Morgan probably subscribes to Elle Brooke’s OnlyFans”

06/19/2023 - No comments

In an exclusive interview with BettingSites.co.uk, OnlyFans model and pro boxer, Ebanie Bridges, calls out hypocritical presenter Piers Morgan for his attack on friend Elle Brooke.

The ‘blonde bomber’ infers that Piers possibly subscribes to Brooke’s OnlyFans account, after the Talk TV presenter labelled the model ‘shameless’ in last week’s explosive interview.

Piers Morgan probably subscribes to Elle Brooke’s OnlyFans

After Piers Morgan’s explosive interview with boxer & OnlyFans star Elle Brooke, in which he questioned what the 25 year old’s future family would think of her OnlyFans account. Close friend & trainer of Elle, Ebanie, hit back at Piers’ comments, hinting that the Talk TV presenter probably subscribes to Brooke’s OnlyFans in secret;

“He’s like that {Piers Morgan} though isn’t he and she would have known going onto that he’ll be coming across like that. But she’s very strong-willed and confident, in what she knows what she’s doing and is very intelligent actually – so I think she handled it very well. He’ll probably subscribe to her OnlyFans! And actually. But he (Piers Morgan) does that to get people talking – doesn’t he – and asks questions people might be afraid to ask. But she gave it right back.”

‘Brilliant’ Brandon Scott set to be a ‘mega superstar in boxing’ 

Following boxer Brandon Scott’s flirtatious public messages to Ebanie, in which he said he fantasises about the OnlyFans model being his bond girls {Blonde… James Blonde}. Ebanie, took the comments in good spirit and responded to Scott’s online advances by sayind;

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“He’s lovely actually {Brandon Scott}– he’s a good kid – it was good fun. Not ‘noncy’. But he knows what he’s doing, he’s so young – he needs to promote himself, which is why I left some comments for him. It’s brilliant to see and I said to him – all jokes aside, I think you’ve done brilliantly and smart with the ideas he’s got to promote himself. He said his family are very creative and that he drew a lot of inspiration from me and looked up to me. And I think he’s going to be a great character in the sport and could be a ‘mega superstar’ with his boxing ability and his personality.”

I would love to be James Bond’s daughter in next Bond film

Since boxer Brandon Scott publicly posted the idea of Ebanie Bridges becoming the next ‘Bond girl’, the ‘Blonde Bomber’ has other ideas of who she could play in Bond 26;

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“I think Bond Girls are tiny – but maybe a female James Bond, or even James Bond’s daughter – I’ll be that!”

What Mayweather is doing is like TikTok boxing

In the after-math of Floyd Mayweather Jr & John Gotti III’s calamitous exhibition fight, which ended in an all out brawl in the ring, Ebanie Bridges gives her frank verdict on Mayweather’s post-retirement boxing career;

“I saw a bit but didn’t really look into it – I saw there was some sort of brawl after- but it’s not really what I’m into and not really boxing. And what Floyd is doing there is very much like Tik-Tok boxing.”

Kell Brook didn’t play in my decision to move north

Following media speculation of a possible romance between Kell Brook & the ‘Blonde Bomber’, Ebanie quashes theories that her relocation to Yorkshire was to be closer to Kell.

“{Kell} doesn’t have anything to do with my decision on moving north. But yeah, Kell is a good friend and it will be good to be up there close to friends – including Nicola Hopewell – and really a lot of my community is up north.”