O’Shaquie Foster vs Rocky Hernandez This Saturday, Live on DAZN

10/27/2023 - No comments

O’Shaquie Foster is ready to thrill fans as he defends his WBC World Super-Featherweight title against Rocky Hernandez this Saturday in Cancun, Mexico. Fight fans can catch the action live on DAZN. The champion has dropped a confident hint of delivering a knockout performance against IBF title-holder Joe Cordina.

Having secured the title by impressively outscoring Rey Vargas in San Antonio last February, Foster, also known as ‘Ice Water’, is setting the pace by stepping into the ring twice in a single year – a feat he hasn’t achieved since 2019.

Foster, now 30, acknowledges the significant challenge of taking on a powerhouse like Hernandez in Mexico. Nonetheless, he feels these are the kind of challenges that bring out his A-game. He’s enthusiastic about moving a step closer to a dream unification fight with Cordina. Cordina is set to defend his title against Edward Vazquez in Monaco, also showcased on DAZN.

“The excitement of getting back into the ring thrills me. I genuinely believe fans have only witnessed half of what I can offer,” Foster exclaimed. “My aim is to showcase the rest. I pride myself as the best in our division, offering versatility in my fighting style. Given it’s my first title defense and my debut on DAZN, I can’t help but be thrilled.”

He adds, “What sets me apart is my mindset. Regardless of the location, I’m always ready to throw down. My past challenges have prepared me for this. A home turf or foreign land, I always deliver. As for Cordina, while I have an eye on that fight, my current focus remains on Rocky.”

Reflecting on his journey, Foster said, “Winning the title marked a significant turning point for me, especially considering the hurdles I’ve faced in the past. Now, holding the title, I remain driven to avoid going back to those challenging times.”

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Foster appreciates the uphill battle against Rocky, a known aggressive fighter. “Rocky has a reputation for his knockouts, but I’d like to see that for myself. I pack a punch too. Without undermining him, I’ve been rigorously training and feel prepared.”

Extending his respect to Mexican boxing fans, Foster said, “Mexico is truly a country of fighters. Having won over Rey Vargas’ fans, I’m confident of winning over Hernandez’s fan base as well. Whether it’s a late-round knockout or an early surprise, the world is in for a treat.”

Alongside the main event, the Cancun fight card is filled with excitement. Australian Heavyweight Justis Huni faces Andrew Tabiti for the WBA International title. Meanwhile, Super-Featherweight powerhouse Eduardo Nunez aims to maintain his perfect KO record against Oscar Escandon. The event will open up with Middleweight Javid Beltran taking on Jose Rosas Meza in a thrilling eight-round contest.

O’Shaquie Foster – Defending WBC World Super-Featherweight title against Eduardo ‘Rocky’ Hernandez: “I feel completely at ease here, surrounded by supportive fans. Being in this spotlight feels natural to me. I’ve consistently posed different challenges in the ring. Depending on the fight, I might adopt a southpaw or orthodox stance. But one thing is clear, I can floor my opponent, as I’ve demonstrated numerous times. While they claim to have sought this fight, actions speak louder. They opted for an easier fight with Garcia. When I faced Vargas for the title, I was coming off a year-long break. No complaints. Their actions show avoidance. My sights are on unifying titles. While we don’t underestimate Rocky, this fight is a showcase of my potential.”

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Rocky Hernandez – Challenging O’Shaquie Foster: “Come Saturday, expect a new World champion. Foster’s claim of my hesitation is misplaced. The delay was his doing. Saturday will be intense, and I’m ready to prove my worth and secure the title. This has been my ambition since day one in boxing. Achieving this victory with my family watching? Nothing could be sweeter.”

Eduardo Nunez – Facing Oscar Escandon: “It’s an honor to participate in such a notable event. Our strategy might lean towards a knockout, but we’re ready for any challenge. Cancun has been welcoming, and despite some fighters hesitating to face me, I remain optimistic about a World title fight in 2024. I’m cheering for Rocky and aspire to challenge the winner for the WBC title. I believe in my capabilities.”

Oscar Escandon – Competing against Eduardo Nunez: “I’m grateful for this chance. Nunez is undoubtedly talented and powerful. But I trust my skills, borne from experience in World title fights. I’ve come prepared, aiming to clinch a win.”

Justis Huni – Battling Andrew Tabiti for the WBA International Heavyweight title: “This is a pivotal moment for me. Being a part of this event is thrilling, and I’m all set for Saturday. My goal is to assert my place among the elites. As the highlight fight before the main event, I’m committed to giving my best performance. Tabiti and I both have sharp boxing intellects, making the initial rounds strategic. Yet, I’m confident in my ability to secure a victory.”