Noel Mikaelian vs. Ilunga Makabu LIVE on FITE TV TONIGHT!

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Don King, the man with more comebacks than Michael Jordan, dropped some classic King-isms and gave the lowdown on what’s to come in the “Only in America 92 Celebration” card.

With a trio of title fights to open up the event, the WBC Cruiserweight championship is the crown jewel, where Noel Mikaelian, Miami’s own fighting sensation, steps into the ring with South Africa’s hard-hitting Ilunga Makabu. Now, Makabu’s looking to reclaim his throne, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of his previous loss – all in 12 rounds of no-holds-barred action.

Noel Mikaelian vs. Ilunga Makabu LIVE on FITE TV TONIGHT! - Boxing Image

Then there’s the heavyweight showdown where muscle meets muscle – Jonathan Guidry, the NABA Gold Heavyweight Champion, squaring up against Jesus Escalera, the knockout artist who’s turned the heavyweight division into his own personal highlight reel. Let’s not forget about Trevor Bryan, aiming to put his stamp on the WBA Continental North America Heavyweight Championship against Cassius Chaney, a man with a name that’s a nod to boxing royalty and a punch that could start a conversation with the ancestors.

Tickets for this showdown start at a wallet-friendly $50, available at the catchy for both the November 4th and December 2nd fights. You can even level up your game with ringside tables for the price of a decent laptop, while general admission will cost you less than a fancy dinner for two.

Jared Anderson Dominates Ryad Merhy, Efe Ajagba Edges Guido Vianello

King’s laying it on thick – he’s serving boxing straight no chaser, bringing the fight to the fans, and spinning this November and December into months we won’t forget. The motto of the night? The best man will lace up, throw down, and claim victory. No room for second best here.

Makabu, who’s been dodging the media like he dodges jabs due to Visa hitches, is causing more whispers than a high school hallway. King quips he’s pulling an Al Capone on us, shrouded in mystery, but promises he’ll show.

Guidry’s got his game face on, ready to defend his title against Escalera – a fan favorite who carries the hopes of Puerto Rico on his back. This fight isn’t just about the belts; it’s about honor, it’s about legacy, and it’s about who’s got the iron will to emerge victorious when the dust settles.

And let’s talk about the Bryan vs. Chaney matchup. Bryan’s hungry to reclaim past glory, while Chaney, with a namesake that echoes greatness, is ready to write his own chapter in the annals of boxing history.

Mikaelian is as cool as the other side of the pillow, thanking everyone and their mother for coming out and making it clear he’s here to claim the most respected title come Saturday. Makabu’s absence? A non-issue for him. He’s focused, ready to adapt and overcome whatever comes his way in the ring.

Jared Anderson Dominates Ryad Merhy, Efe Ajagba Edges Guido Vianello

As for Guidry, he’s short on words but long on confidence, promising that when the gloves are laced, it’ll be an electrifying showdown that will have fans on their feet. Escalera, on the other hand, is all about paying homage to his roots and looking to make Puerto Rico beam with pride.

Now, Escalera’s uncle once danced under these same lights, and carrying that history, he’s ready to leave it all in the ring. He respects Guidry’s ring IQ but hints that he’s got a few surprises up his sleeve, ready to shake up the heavyweight division with just one punch.

Bryan’s relishing the comeback kid narrative, and with Chaney in the opposite corner, a man fueled by both excitement and a chip on his shoulder, we’re looking at a showdown that might just steal the show.


  • Noel Mikaelian 196.6 – Ilunga Junior Makabu 197.8
  • Jonathan Guidry 273 – Jesus Escalera 254
  • Trevor Bryan 264 – Cassius Chaney 257
  • Alexander Castro 159 – Hector Bobadilla 152
  • Isiah Hart 161 – Cory Caad 165
  • Isaiah Efrain  Riquelmy 140.8 – Rondale Hubbert 142.8