Marshall – Crews Dezurn ESPN Weigh In Results

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Franchón Crews-Dezurn, the reigning undisputed super-middleweight champion, weighed in at a solid 167.3 pounds. Crews-Dezurn, in her prime, has shown exceptional grit in defending all her four titles, making her an intimidating force in the ring.

Her challenger, Savannah ‘The Silent Assassin’ Marshall, tipped the scale at 167 pounds. Marshall’s record speaks for itself, demonstrating her formidable skill set and strategic prowess.

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Tomorrow night, the two will clash, not just for the glory, but for the honor that comes with the WBC, WBA, IBF, and IBF world titles. With such a close weigh-in result, the fight promises to be big, watch live on ESPN and Sky Sports.

Co-Main Event: Jonas vs. Wyatt

Moving on to the co-main event, Natasha Jonas hit the scale at 146.3 pounds. A superb athlete, Jonas, has consistently demonstrated the depth of her boxing technique and the sheer strength of her determination.

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Her challenger, Kandi Wyatt, came in at an identical weight of 146 pounds. Wyatt, an athlete with remarkable boxing intelligence, has shown time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with.

This IBF women’s welterweight title fight is one that could very well steal the show, given the caliber of the fighters and the evenness of their weigh-in.

Supporting Bouts

The undercard weigh-ins also brought intrigue and excitement, with Ben Whittaker weighing 174.3 pounds against Vladimir Belujsky’s 175.3 pounds. Callum Simpson and Boris Crighton were near mirror images on the scale, at 169 and 167 pounds respectively, while Zak Chelli and Mark Jeffers both weighed in at around 167 pounds.

On the women’s side, April Hunter, an exciting rising star, tipped the scale at 153 pounds, with Kirstie Bavington at 149.3 pounds. And in the heavyweight division, Will Howe came in at a hefty 251 pounds, against Jake Darnell’s 248.3 pounds

The full weigh-in results are as follows:
10 x 2 mins WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO World Super-Middleweight Championship @12st
Savannah Marshall 11st 13lbs
Franchon Crews-Dezurn 11st 13lbs 5oz
10 x 2 mins Vacant IBF World Welterweight Championship @ 10st 7lbs  
Natasha Jonas 10st 6lbs 5oz
Kandi Wyatt 10st 6lbs
8 x 3 mins Light-Heavyweight Contest @12st 9lbs
Ben Whittaker 12st 6lbs 5oz
Vladimir Belujsky 12st 7lbs 5oz
10 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight Contest @12st 2lbs
Callum Simpson 12st 1lb
Boris Crighton 11st 13lb
10 x 3 mins Vacant Commonwealth Silver Super-Middleweight Championship @ 12st
Zak Chelli 11st 12lbs 5oz
Mark Jeffers 11st 13lb 5oz
6 x 2 mins Super-Welterweight Contest @11st 
April Hunter 10st 13lbs
Kirstie Bavington 10st 9lbs 5oz
4 x 3 mins Heavyweight Contest
Will Howe 17st 13lb
Jake Darnell 17st 10lb 5oz