Low Blow Or Legit Knock Out? Usyk Survives Dubois – Fight Results

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Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) successfully defended his IBF, WBA, and WBC heavyweight titles with a stunning 9th round knockout of Daniel Dubois (19-2, 18 KOs) this Saturday night at Tarczyński Arena in Wroclaw, Poland. Dubois had previously sent Usyk to the canvas in the fifth round, a moment that the referee categorized as a low blow, leading to nearly a five-minute pause in the action. While Dubois argued that it was a legitimate punch, the referee stood by the low blow decision. “I’ve been robbed. That was a win tonight,” Dubois claimed.

In an action-packed fight that went back and forth, Oleksandr Usyk ultimately emerged victorious, defending his heavyweight titles with a knockout win over Daniel Dubois. The first round saw the southpaw Usyk edging out Dubois in the jabbing department, 6-5. Usyk continued his efficient striking in the second round, landing lead lefts to the chin of Dubois. However, Dubois fought back, delivering a right uppercut towards the end of the round.

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By the end of the third, Usyk had a 28-17 connect advantage over three rounds. The fourth saw a shift in momentum as Dubois landed his best punch of the night—a right to the chin—giving him his first round win of the fight.

In the controversial fifth round, Dubois sent Usyk to the canvas with a low blow, just an inch below the beltline. Referee Luis Pabon allowed Usyk a full five minutes to recover. After resumption, Usyk danced around Dubois, landing a lead left that got Dubois’ attention. At the end of the round, Usyk had a 43-29 connect advantage.

Dubois seemed to find some footing in the sixth round, landing a solid left hook to the body. The weather started playing its part as rain began pouring down, hitting the canopy and a portion of the canvas in the 45,000-seat outdoor stadium.

By the seventh, Usyk had Dubois in trouble, landing a flurry of punches in the final moments. The eighth saw Dubois go down after a right-left combination, getting an 8-count from referee Labon as the bell sounded.

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Finally, in the ninth, Usyk delivered the finishing blow—a crushing right jab that sent Dubois down to his knee. Referee Labon counted him out, and the fight was waved off as Dubois rose at the count of ten. The final punch statistics favored Usyk, with an 88-47 landed punch count.

Both Dubois and his promoter Warren contested the referee’s low blow call and are now seeking a rematch.

The bout showcased Usyk’s technical brilliance and Dubois’ power, with both fighters having their moments. However, it was Usyk who proved too much to handle, successfully retaining his heavyweight titles.

Was it a low blow or a KO? What do you think?

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