Who Won? Liam Davies – Jason Cunningham Fight Results

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Frank Warren reflects on Telford show. Speaking on his website Warren said:

“Most people, myself included, did not anticipate Jason Cunningham being banished in such a swift and emphatic fashion.”

The evening was set alight by Liam Davies, Telford’s local favorite, who displayed explosive skills to enhance his collection of belts. His performance against Jason Cunningham was anything but expected, as he sent Jason into a world of trouble with a quick and relentless attack.

“Jason is a top and very canny operator and I don’t feel he can have any complaints over the stoppage because he was not returning fire during Liam’s onslaught.”

With a stellar run that has amassed six title belts from only 14 professional fights, Liam is building a fortress in Telford. His explosive start had been forgotten somewhat, but this fight reminded everyone of his capabilities.

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Speculations about a potential showdown between Liam Davies and Dennis McCann began soon after the fight. Frank Warren himself acknowledges the interest in this potential match-up:

“I believe this to be a cracking fight and it could be something very special. However, I would prefer to push both boys a bit further forward before putting them together.”

His reasoning is sound:

“I just feel it can be a bigger and more lucrative fight for the fighters if we wait a little while and get them both further up the rankings towards world title level.”

He expresses the same sentiment about the lightweights Mark Chamberlain and Sam Noakes, stressing the importance of making these fights the focus of widespread public interest.

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Eithan James’ First Title Win

Another highlight was the win by Eithan James over James Moorcroft. Frank lauds Eithan’s performance:

“Eithan knew he was up against a tough cookie and did exactly what he needed to do, which was – for the most part – hit and not get hit.”

He even felt that the victory margin should have been wider:

“Eithan’s speed and movement was top class and, in my book, he won the fight much wider than declared by the judges.”

Moses Itauma’s Learning Experience

The night also saw Moses Itauma facing Kevin Espindola. Though Moses seemed frustrated by his opponent’s defensive strategy, Warren sees this as a crucial learning experience for the 18-year-old heavyweight:

“Moses must learn from the experience and continue to adapt to whoever is put in front of him. It is a learning process because, don’t forget, he is just 18 and is effectively serving an apprenticeship.”