Lawrence Newton wins this weekend; is Johnny Hollywood next?

12/04/2023 - 14 comments

In a gritty showdown this weekend in Miami, Florida, Lawrence Newton emerged victorious on Don King’s boxing card. Coming back after a two-year hiatus, Newton clinched his 16th win, maintaining an unblemished record of 16-0. His opponent, California’s Erick Ruiz (17-9-1), stepped in as a last-minute replacement, returning to the ring after a five-year gap. Ruiz put up a resilient fight, going the full distance with Newton.

The fight wasn’t without its dramatic moments. Newton absorbed a hefty blow from Ruiz early on but bounced back to secure the win. This fight was a deviation from the original plan, as Newton was set to fight Johnny Hollywood (8-2). The two fighters had been engaging in heated exchanges on social media in the lead-up to Newton’s scheduled fight.

Newton expressed confidence in beating Hollywood, while Hollywood, reflecting on Newton’s latest performance, regretted not accepting the fight, even on short notice. Hollywood critiqued Newton’s showing, labeling his punches as weak and lacking in power, rating his performance as a C minus. Following Newton’s fight, Hollywood renewed his challenge, eager to prove his mettle in a future bout.

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The two fighters, both vying for supremacy in the 118th weight class division, might just have their showdown on Don King’s next boxing card in February.


14 thoughts on “Lawrence Newton wins this weekend; is Johnny Hollywood next?”

    • Let me find out who posted some shit using my name and Jonny Hollywood gone knock you out too!

    • Hollywood just talked to tanner this is not tanner . Just goes to show this is some associate mad @ it his success money , and fame . Thanks for the laugh you gave all of us

  1. Seem’a like Newton would outbox Hollywood ! But I can’t really judge a fighter from there last performance ! Hollywood make shock us all , or he could lose but all the controversy on this post makes me want to see what’s all the talk about . I grew up with Newton and his a hell of a boxer I would love to see someone push up

  2. The way I see it ? Hollywood had a chin and Newton doesn’t have a chin ^

  3. Hollywood is a controversy fighter for sure ! These comment’s make me want to order the fight . Let’s go under dog , I’m here for it man!

  4. Hollywood sucks why is he even in the conversation like what? Did ya not watch the same beating I watched machdo give him? Bro punches looked like he was fighting in his dream , complete joke !

    • A early call from a ref ? Is what I seen ! Have it had went the distance , would probably turned out different! I’m all for it !

  5. Hollywood last performance wasn’t all that either ! But him @118 I would like to see . If he can beat Newton , he made a measure statement !

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