Joshua vs Helenius: AJ huge 1/16 favourite to beat new opponent!

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Anthony Joshua will face Robert Helenius this Saturday live in DAZN. The bout was finalized today after Dillian Whyte’s surprising exit from the ring due to a failed voluntary drug test, leaving Helenius as the late replacement.

The odds, as provided by Sports Encyclopedia, are overwhelmingly in favor of Joshua. He comes into the fight as a 1/16 favorite to defeat Helenius on Saturday.

Helenius, who is listed at 9/1  for a major upset faces an uphill battle. A previous knockout at the hands of Deontay Wilder serves as a reminder of his vulnerabilities. To imagine him toppling a boxer of Joshua’s caliber might be a stretch too far for most.

The method of victory odds suggest the outcome many are predicting. Joshua winning by knockout is listed at 2/7, and the former heavyweight champion winning by decision at 4/1. These odds reflect a consensus among experts that Joshua’s power and strength will likely prove too much for Helenius.

Interestingly, the betting odds for the specific rounds in which the fight might end provide more insight. With odds at 3/1 for rounds 1-3, 9/4 for rounds 4-6, 7/2 for rounds 7-9, and 9/1 for rounds 10-12, the favored scenario seems to be a stoppage within the first six rounds. The 9/4 odds for a victory in rounds 4-6 seem to be the sweet spot for bettors.

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The long shot scenarios include Helenius winning by knockout or decision, set at 12/1 and 25/1 respectively, or even a draw at 22/1. These outcomes, though unlikely, add a layer of intrigue to a fight that might otherwise be seen as a foregone conclusion.

The sentiment is echoed by a Sports Ecyclopedia spokesperson, who said, “Boxing fans may not have the fight they wanted but they can expect to see home hero Anthony Joshua dominate in the ring as he’s the huge 1/16 favourite to beat late replacement Robert Helenius on Saturday.”

Joshua’s reputation, his skill set, and his previous successes all point to an expected victory, maybe even a mismatch.

Yet, it would be a mistake to completely discount Helenius. The sport of boxing is no stranger to upsets, and a fighter with his back against the ropes can sometimes be very dangerous The odds of 9/1 for Helenius to win stand as a reminder that anything can happen inside the ring, especially in the heavyweight division.

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While the expectations are high for Joshua to emerge victorious, the intrigue of boxing lies in its unpredictability. Will Joshua validate his status as a massive favorite, or will Helenius stun the boxing world?


Anthony Joshua vs Robert Helenius

Anthony Joshua to win 1/16
Robert Helenius to win 9/1

Method of victory

Anthony Joshua by knockout 2/7
Anthony Joshua by decision 4/1
Robert Helenius by knockout 12/1
Robert Helenius by decision 25/1
Draw 22/1

Round betting

Anthony Joshua 1-3 3/1
Anthony Joshua 4-6 9/4
Anthony Joshua 7-9 7/2
Anthony Joshua 10-12 9/1