Joshua – Ngannou Undercard Results: Justis Huni Clings to Victory Against Kevin Lerena

03/08/2024 - No comments

Australian heavyweight Justis Huni narrowly secured a victory in a grueling 10-round battle against the seasoned South African southpaw, Kevin Lerena. As the clock ticked down in the final round, Lerena delivered a potent left hook that sent Huni staggering, threatening to end the fight right there. However, Huni dug deep, using every ounce of his training to stay on his feet and make it to the end.

Huni, reflecting on the close call, credited his rigorous gym preparation for his resilience, acknowledging the expected tough challenge from Lerena. “It took me a while, but I finally found my footing against him,” Huni remarked on his adjustment during the fight.

Lerena, who fought in memory of his recently deceased mother, expressed disappointment yet commended Huni’s grit, admitting his missed opportunity to clinch the win when he had Huni on the ropes.

The judges unanimously favored Huni, with two scoring the fight closely at 96-94 and a third seeing a wider margin at 98-92. The fight was part of the pay-per-view opener in Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Arena.

Lerena demonstrated early aggression and precision, while Huni maintained composure, gradually finding range with his long punches. Despite Lerena’s aggressive push and a momentary upper hand, Huni regained control, particularly in the later rounds, showcasing his potential against the tough veteran.

As the fight progressed, Huni began to carve out an advantage, especially noted in the sixth round when a powerful hook from Huni left Lerena bleeding. Yet, Lerena wasn’t done, starting the seventh round strong before Huni countered effectively.

The highlight came in the final round when Lerena’s devastating left threatened to topple Huni, who was visibly shaken but managed to survive until the fight’s conclusion.

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