Josh Warrington Steps into the Ring of Business, Joining VIP Boxing Promotions’ Elite Squad

03/19/2024 - No comments

Josh Warrington has thrown his gloves into the corporate ring, aligning with the board of VIP Boxing Promotions. The boardroom is now bolstered by the entrance of high-flying London entrepreneur and global investor Suresh Sivagnanam, alongside Shan Selvendran, the mastermind behind South-London’s cherished fast-food empire, Morley’s Chicken.

This power trio brings a hefty financial punch that’s primed to catapult VIP Boxing into the global promotional limelight, transforming their events into global spectacles. Steve Wood, the brain behind the 1996-founded promotion, remains the captain of the ship as Managing Director, with Warrington stepping up as the new boxing chief and Sivagnanam taking charge of commercial strategy.

Wood, a name synonymous with integrity in the boxing realm, couldn’t hide his excitement about the fresh blood in the boardroom, envisioning a seismic shift in VIP Boxing’s trajectory. The infusion of expertise and networks from this dynamic executive lineup promises to thrust the company into unprecedented growth phases.

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For Wood, this collaboration has reignited his passion, spelling an end to the financial knockouts from less lucrative events and the departure of nurtured talent. With this heavyweight backing, VIP is set to nurture boxers to stardom under its banner, emphasizing a boxer-first ethos that aligns with the founding principles.

Warrington, at 33, isn’t hanging up his gloves just yet, eyeing a third world title to adorn his illustrious career. However, his deeper involvement in VIP’s day-to-day affairs marks a strategic pivot towards shaping the future of boxing promotion.

Sivagnanam, with a decorated career in revolutionizing healthcare and education, is all geared up to inject his winning formulas into the boxing world, aiming for global domination. His long-standing camaraderie with Selvendran and shared values with the VIP clan sets the stage for an exhilarating expansion saga.

Selvendran, a maestro in branding and community engagement, is all set to transpose his Midas touch from the culinary world to the boxing arena, enriching VIP’s legacy with a blend of culture and community spirit.

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As VIP cements its reign in the North West, the new alliance eyes the vibrant landscapes of London for gym openings and marquee events, with James Russell, a stalwart in event management, continuing to steer the ship alongside Wood.

This new chapter for VIP Boxing Promotions not only promises a grander stage for its fighters but also heralds a new era in boxing promotion, where passion, innovation, and community converge to sculpt the future of the sport.