Live Boxing Tonight: Joseph “Jojo” Diaz vs Ricky Perez Live On DAZN

02/15/2024 - No comments

Former World Champion Joseph “JoJo” Diaz Jr., hailing from the tough streets of South El Monte, is all set to tango with Jesus “Ricky” Perez, a fighter as tough as week-old steak, in a 10-round super lightweight scrap. This rumble is the main event of the first Golden Boy Fight Night on DAZN of 2024, ready to erupt at The Commerce Casino & Hotel. Mark your calendars for a global broadcast on DAZN at 6:00 p.m. PT.

Watch LIVE – The event is set to begin at 6 p.m. ET / 11 p.m. UK

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JoJo Diaz, eyes blazing with a mix of determination and maybe a touch of madness, announces his return to the ring. “I’m back on track,” he declares, aiming to dust off any rust on February 15. He’s not just looking for a win; he’s eyeing the big fish after this.

On the flip side, Jesus Perez, grateful to his promoters and probably knocking on wood for luck, knows the stakes. A victory over Diaz isn’t just a notch on the belt; it’s a golden ticket to the big leagues. He promises a show that’ll give fans more bang for their buck, forecasting a showdown as heated as a summer in Tijuana.

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Golden Boy’s head honcho, Oscar De La Hoya, chimes in with his two cents, singing praises of Diaz’s past glories. From Olympic dreams to dethroning undefeated champs, JoJo has danced this dance before. Now, De La Hoya spots that glint in Diaz’s eyes – the kind that screams “championship gold.”

But wait, let’s talk tickets. They’re on sale, folks! Ranging from a wallet-friendly $30 to a more splurge-worthy $200, plus those pesky fees. Fancy folks can splurge on a VIP experience, complete with swanky perks. Nab these at starting January 24, 10:00 a.m. PT.

The Commerce Casino & Hotel’s Spencer Villasenor is practically doing backflips in excitement. They’ve polished up the joint, and now it’s ready for a night of fistic fireworks.

And hey, don’t snooze on the co-main event. Ricardo “El Niño” Sandoval, a young gun making noise on the ESPN Top 25 under 25 list, is set to showcase his skills in a 10-round flyweight bout. Plus, there’s more action from Eric Tudor and Jorge “El Niño Dorado” Chavez in their respective fights.

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JoJo Diaz 137.6 vs. Ricky Perez 138.2
Ricardo Sandoval 110.8 vs. Jayson Mama 112.4
Eric Tudor 153.2 vs. Luis Ramos 153.8
Jorge Chavez 123.6 vs. Diuhl Olguin 124
Joshua Garcia 131.2 vs. Eric Lozada 130.8
Sasha Tudor 159 vs. Josias Gonzalez 153.8