Johan Gonzalez Earns Upset Decision – Fight Results

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Midweek Boxing Madness: ProBox Promotions Delivers Knockouts and Drama on November 15

ProBox Promotions reaffirmed its status as the go-to spot for midweek boxing action. The November 15 card, streamed live on ProBoxTV’s YouTube page and app, was a rollercoaster of upsets, new stars, and bizarre finishes.

Johan Gonzalez Stuns with Victory Over Guido Emmanuel Schramm

Johan Gonzalez (34-2, 33 KOs) edged out a win against Guido Emmanuel Schramm (16-2-2, 9 KOs). The judges were split, scoring 95-95, 97-93, and 96-94, handing the 32-year-old junior middleweight a narrow victory.

Chris Algieri, commentating the action, labeled Gonzalez a “one-trick pony.” However, Schramm’s cautious early approach and respect for Gonzalez’s power gave the latter room to land impressive shots. Schramm picked up the pace in the latter half, using his athleticism to outmaneuver Gonzalez. Despite this, he couldn’t land effective punches, making Gonzalez’s sporadic big hits more noticeable. An accidental headbutt in the ninth round failed to change the tide, leading to Schramm’s second career defeat.

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Justin Pauldo Triumphs Over Jerry Perez in Fourth-Round TKO

The co-main event saw Justin Pauldo (17-1, 8 KOs) clinch a fourth-round TKO victory over Jerry Perez (14-4-1, 11 KOs), who was bleeding heavily and didn’t rise from his stool. Pauldo demonstrated remarkable skill in catching and shooting, using feints and speed to dominate. His tight defense and sharp counterattacks left Perez struggling, leading to his decision not to continue after the third round.

Jimmy Kelly Wins by Disqualification in a Bizarre Twist

Jimmy Kelly (28-3, 10 KOs) was on track for a win when Juan Jose Velasco’s (24-6, 15 KOs) antics led to a disqualification in the fifth round. The match was aggressive from the start, with Kelly showing more composure. Velasco’s unruly behavior escalated, including a low blow and a push to the referee, which promptly ended the fight in disqualification.

Emiliano Moreno Decimates Daniel Lim in Second Round

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Kicking off the card, Emiliano Moreno (8-0, 5 KOs) delivered a stunning second-round TKO against Daniel Lim (10-1, 2 KOs). Moreno’s powerful right hooks and relentless pressure overwhelmed Lim, leading to three knockdowns and a referee stoppage just before the end of the second round, marking Lim’s first professional defeat.

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