When Is Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards On DAZN tonight? Start Time, Date

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Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards encountered each other at the inaugural press conference on September 21 in Orlando, setting the stage for their unifying Flyweight fight at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, scheduled for Saturday, December 16, and will be broadcast LIVE on DAZN.

This fight brings together two undefeated champions in a compelling battle to establish supremacy in the division. Rodriguez, the WBO champion, and Edwards, the IBF champion, are defending their titles for the first and fourth times, respectively. This marks the debut unification fight for both of them.

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Rodriguez and Edwards are scheduled to be featured in tonight’s DAZN broadcast, where Richardson Hitchins takes the main stage against Jose Zepeda, accompanied by the comeback of British standout, Conor Benn. Subsequently, Rodriguez and Edwards will travel to London to progress with the promotional events for their December fight in the coming week.

Jesse Rodriguez (18-0 11 KOs):

“This upcoming fight is undoubtedly the most significant of my career. However, my approach remains unchanged: stay cool, calm, and collected. There’s no necessity for excessive talk. My preparation in the gym is complete, and on Saturday night, the results will speak for themselves.

I’ve always maintained this demeanor. For me, it’s simply another day. Saturday night is my moment to excel. Camp and training are behind me, our strategy is set, and come Saturday night, everyone will witness the fruits of our labor. I’m poised for victory, ready to claim his title, maintain my undefeated record, and seize the moment.

While I respect him as an individual, I’ve noticed a disparity between his social media persona and his real-life behavior. If I had any reservations about this fight, I wouldn’t be here. But we’re here by choice, ready for the challenge. I plan to emulate Julio Cesar Martinez’s success against his brother.

We’re prepared and confident. Just watch on DAZN, and see me become the unified champion this Saturday.”

“I’ve never declined a fight; it’s always been a yes for me. Competing against the best is what every boxer aspires for, consolidating titles. December 16 will be spectacular.

“We are individuals of distinct nature; he exhibits his assurance by being vocal, whereas my ring actions speak. My determination is unbreakable; my previous fight is a testament to that, where I fought six rounds with a broken jaw. I possess self-belief; no contender in the ring can outclass me.

“Sunny is a respectable fighter, often seen on the defensive, striking and maneuvering. But he hasn’t encountered someone like me, a person with remarkable footwork and a relentless will to triumph.

“This is the significant fight of my career, and I’m eager to finally fight Sunny on December 16. My folks from San Antonio will be there, making it feel like another hometown bout.

“I merely need to score more points than him. My latest fight gave a sneak peek into our upcoming bout. On December 16, I will be prepped, urging everyone to watch something extraordinary. That belt is returning to San Antonio.”

Sunny Edwards (20-0 4 KOs):

“My reluctance to engage in person stems from knowing the impact of my words. Your coach’s absence from Orlando, and his nonattendance today, is telling. It seems my words intimidate your team. I’ve noticed your intensive training sessions, but I hope you have no pre-fight injuries as excuses.

I’m well-aware of my identity and didn’t want to overwhelm you with confrontations, which might have led to your withdrawal from the fight. That’s the reason for my laid-back approach. Your recent boldness seems misplaced, considering your previous quiet demeanor. I acknowledge you as a fellow fighter and respect the sportsmanship of a handshake. My restraint in our interactions was strategic, knowing the challenge it was to finalize this fight. Like your brother, I suspect your resolve will falter in the fight.

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Talk of a ‘game plan’ becomes irrelevant when faced with my skill in the ring. I’m confident and undaunted by the challenge you present.”

“Thanks to everyone involved, this is the bout I’ve been eyeing. I’ve been waiting for such a paramount event, and Jesse is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding fighters under 30.

“Boxing has been relatively smooth for me; I’ve always operated within my comfort zone. I’m already into the training phase, been in Tenerife, and had great practice sessions; I’m soaring.

“I relish the challenge. When I collaborated with Eddie, I expressed my desire to fight the best at any cost, irrespective of the location. Kudos to Jesse; he’s the first one to give me a fight I’ve wanted.

“I don’t have to penetrate his mind; I just enjoy discussing the fight. Jesse is different, more perilous, but that will unveil a superior version of me.


“It’s facile to say ‘you have to confine Sunny in the ring’ – but it’s not just about that with me. I don’t enter with a preset strategy; I measure my range and let opponents defeat themselves. I’ve conquered the best in the world. I’m not intimidated by them; I confront them.

“Maybe Jesse is that first fighter that will make me feel ‘he’s genuinely exceptional.’ His youth will be his disadvantage. I’ve never had an effortless bout, and it’s not starting now. After defeating Jesse, there’s only one fight I desire, and that’s with Roman Gonzalez.

“Those who think I lack power probably just watch me on fight night. I always ensure victory; my priority is winning, not knocking people out. Come and observe my sparring sessions, and then discuss power.

“Regardless of how engaging or powerful it is, look at the current champions. They box and respond to what’s presented to them, and I believe I do that. Jesse will try to impress, attempt to harm me. But his ego and pride will force it, and that will be his undoing.

“I’ve got proficient defense. I am a conundrum, wrapped in a mystery. You can’t brace for what I bring into the ring because no one perceives life as I do, no one perceives the labor I’ve embedded, the years of toil.

“This is going to be a thrilling bout, and people will turn up. I am thrilled to be a part of it and utterly convinced of the victory.”

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Rodriguez vs. Edwards Fight – Essential Information!

Q: When is the Rodriguez vs. Edwards fight? A: Attention all fight fans! Mark this date: Saturday, December 16. The event ignites at 8 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. UK (Sunday), with the main event ringwalks expected around 11 p.m. ET / 4 a.m. UK (Sunday). Note: These times might adjust based on the earlier fights. Don’t miss out!

Q: Can I stream the fight on DAZN? A: Yes! The Rodriguez vs. Edwards fight will be broadcast live on DAZN in over 200 countries. To catch every moment live, sign up for a subscription. If you’re in Argentina, Chile, or Colombia, you need to download the DAZN app to sign up.

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Q: What devices can I use to watch DAZN? A: DAZN offers wide accessibility:

  • Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire tablet.
  • TV & Streaming Devices: Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Hisense, LG Smart TV, Smartcast, Panasonic, Samsung & Sony Smart TVs, Philips, Roku, Vestel, Vizio.
  • Game Consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S.

Q: Where is the fight taking place? A: The epic showdown is at the Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona. A perfect setting for an unforgettable battle!

Q: What are the betting odds for Rodriguez vs. Edwards? A: As per DraftKings on December 11:

  • Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez: -210
  • Sunny Edwards: +165 Bet wisely!

Q: What do we know about the fighters? A: Quick facts:

  • Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez: American, born Jan 20, 2000, 5′ 4″, 67″ reach, 18 fights, unbeaten at 18-0 (11 KOs).
  • Sunny Edwards: British, born Jan 1, 1996, 5′ 3″, 60″ reach, 20 fights, also unbeaten at 20-0 (4 KOs).

Q: What’s the full fight card? A: Packed with action, the card features:

  • Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs. Kevin Gonzalez; Super bantamweight
  • Galal Yafai vs. Rocco Santomauro; Flyweight
  • Peter McGrail vs. Jarico O’Quinn; Super bantamweight
  • Arturo Popoca vs. Carlos Mujica; Super bantamweight
  • Junaid Boston vs. Gordie Russ II; Light middleweight
  • Albert Gonzalez vs. Alexis Molina; Featherweight
  • Joe McGrail vs. Edgar Ortiz Jr.; Featherweight

Weigh In results

Get ready for a knockout lineup, starting with the first bell at 3.15pm MT, all live on BEFORE THE BELL on DAZN and Matchroom’s YouTube Channel. Let’s dive into the card:

Kicking off the action, we’ve got a 6-round super-bantamweight tussle. Joe McGrail, tipping the scales at 125.8 lbs from Liverpool, England, is set to square off against Edgar Ortiz Jr., a lean 123 lbs, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona.

Next up, the featherweights take the stage for another 6-rounder. Albert Gonzalez from Perris, California, weighing a solid 127.2 lbs, faces Alexis Molina from Guadalajara, Mexico, who’s coming in at 126.2 lbs.

Then, the super-welterweights enter the ring for an 8-round contest. Junaid Bostan, a sturdy 155.2 lbs from Rotherham, England, goes toe-to-toe with Gordie Russ II, matching the weight at 155.2 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan.

Following that, it’s an 8-round super-bantamweight showdown. Arturo Cardenas from Michoacán, Mexico, weighing in at 123.4 lbs, takes on Carlos Mujica from Las Vegas, Nevada, a touch lighter at 122 lbs.

The action heats up LIVE ON DAZN FROM 6PM MT with a 10-round battle for the WBA Continental Super-Bantamweight title. Peter McGrail, a trim 121.6 lbs from Liverpool, England, faces off against Ja’Rico O’Quinn, weighing in at 122 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan.

Next, the flyweights get their moment in a 10-round WBC International Flyweight contest. Galal Yafai from Birmingham, England, hits the scales at 111.8 lbs, while Rocco Santomauro from Apple Valley, California, is just a shade lighter at 111.4 lbs.

Then, it’s the 12-round eliminator for the WBA World Super-Bantamweight title. Murodjon Akhmadaliev from Chust, Uzbekistan, weighing in at 121.6 lbs, takes on Kevin Gonzalez from Culiacan, Mexico, who’s coming in at 121 lbs.

Capping off the night, a 12-round WBO and IBF World Flyweight unification fight. Jesse Rodriguez from San Antonio, Texas, and Sunny Edwards from Croydon, England, both ready for action at 111.6 lbs.