Jermall Charlo Vs. Jose Benavidez Jr. Press Quotes

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Undefeated WBC Middleweight World Champion Jermall Charlo and the energetic Jose Benavidez Jr. exchanged strong words during an intense virtual press conference on Tuesday before their 10-round non-title WBC special event. This event is the secondary main event on a SHOWTIME PPV card set for Saturday, November 25, hosted by the Premier Boxing Champions at Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The SHOWTIME PPV starts at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, featuring David “El Monstruo” Benavídez, who’s defending his Interim WBC Super Middleweight Title against Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, both of whom boast undefeated records.

The live event’s tickets are promoted by TGB Promotions and Sampson Boxing and are presently available for purchase at

The fighters shared their thoughts on the upcoming fight:


Expressed gratitude for the opportunity to demonstrate his skill, Charlo remarked on his excellent training camp and readiness for the fight. He acknowledged Benavidez’s abilities but warned of the challenge that awaits him in the ring. Charlo touted his combined mental and physical preparation, hinting at a powerful performance where he plans to dominate Benavidez without any signs of rust.

Charlo dismissed Benavidez’s verbal jabs, alluding to his opponent’s underestimation and declaring his readiness to enter the super middleweight division by first tackling Benavidez. He downplayed the comparisons between Jose and his brother, affirming his focus is solely on the upcoming fight.

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He confidently dismissed Benavidez’s threats and promised an aggressive performance, emphasizing that he won’t be intimidated by any pre-fight antics and intends to conquer not just his opponent but his opponent’s fanbase as well.

“I’m psyched to face José, who’s looking a lot more tense than at our first meet-up. November 25th, I’ll show everyone that I’m back and soon heading to 168 pounds. Best of luck to the main event fighters, but remember, Big Charlo is back.

“José’s clearly rattled now that we’re face to face. His immaturity won’t help him come fight night. I’m unfazed by his antics.

“My performance won’t dip regardless of the trash talk. This guy’s got a screw loose if he thinks he stands a chance. I’ve faced 32, and they’ve all come up short. He’s just another obstacle for me.

“I’m all about showing the boxing world my relentless fighting spirit. I’m aiming for a knockout – that’s my promise.

“My strategy is perfect, thanks to my trainers. I’m not worried about him. He’s small in every way compared to me. I’m ready to dominate.”


Benavidez voiced appreciation for the fight, highlighting his strength and his limited interest in pre-fight talk. He assured everyone that Charlo’s words wouldn’t affect him and promised to demonstrate his punching power in the fight.

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He remarked on Charlo’s demeanor, maintaining his consistent energy and readiness. Benavidez discussed his previous struggles with making weight and how moving up has positively impacted his strength and performance.

Thanking Charlo for the fight opportunity, Benavidez anticipated a thrilling night of boxing. He detailed the challenges of his past fights and how being at this division feels right for him. His confidence shone through as he labeled Charlo’s previous victories as less impressive and expressed eagerness to bring his motivation into the ring.

Both fighters showcased strong confidence in their training and readiness, setting the stage for an intensely competitive fight night.

“I’m at a point where I’m ready for any challenger, anywhere. I’m keeping it short – may the best man win.

“My energy’s different now because I don’t want any pre-fight drama. If Charlo tries to intimidate me, he’ll regret it on fight night. I’m focused on the bout.

“Sharing this moment with David is a dream come true. We’ve worked hard to get here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a big night for us.

“If I were just a stepping stone, he’d have put his title on the line. He looks unprepared.

“I’ve been training alongside David, and I’m more than ready. Charlo underestimates me, but he’s in for a surprise. I’m confident in my victory.”


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