Jamaine Ortiz: “After September 15th, I’m ready for anyone!”

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Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz (16-1-1, 8 KOs), a top-contender lightweight boxer, is set to step back into the ring this Friday against seasoned pro, Antonio Moran (29-5-1, 20 KOs). This  fight will be broadcasted live from the American Bank Center on ESPN+.

“Preparation has been outstanding,” remarked Ortiz, sharing his enthusiasm about the upcoming bout and the effectiveness of his training.

The 27-year-old is marking his 2023 debut. His previous scheduled appearance was hindered by an injury, resulting in a missed weigh-in and the subsequent cancellation of a fight intended for the Madison Square Garden stage on the Josh Taylor – Teofimo Lopez undercard.

Having recovered, Ortiz, with Puerto Rican and Dominican roots, made adjustments in his training regimen to assure he meets the 138 lbs weight limit for the September 15th fight. Regarding the weight challenges earlier this year, he clarified, “It was mainly because of the injury restricting my regular workouts, not so much about weight management.”

To better manage his weight and preparation, Ortiz added a nutritionist to his team. Furthermore, he shifted his training base from Worcester to Las Vegas, citing fewer distractions and a slightly different training intensity in Vegas.

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Dubai became an unexpected training destination for Ortiz. A leisure trip to the Emirati city turned into a pre-training camp, and he expressed appreciation for the unique experiences he had, “Traveling offers fresh perspectives. I genuinely enjoyed Dubai and decided to train there before heading to Vegas.”

Coming into the fight against Moran, Ortiz’s confidence is high. He acknowledges Moran’s previous opponents, like the undisputed lightweight champ Devin Haney and top-contender junior welterweight Arnold Barboza, Jr. Still, Ortiz believes he brings added experience to this fight, considering the combined record of his recent adversaries stands at 102-13-2.

Moran, boasting 20 KOs from 29 victories, is a force, Ortiz acknowledges. “Yet, in the past year, I’ve sparred with two ex-world champions, one surely heading to the hall-of-fame.”

Ortiz’s reputation grew significantly in 2022, with significant bouts against ex-WBO Super Featherweight champ Jamel Herring and Vasyl Lomachenko. The latter bout provided valuable insights, “Lomachenko has a strategy of increasing momentum as the round concludes. That fight taught me the essence of pacing and the importance of the championship rounds,” Ortiz shared.

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His matchup with Lomachenko also offered a comparison point with Devin Haney’s performance against Lomachenko. “I believe our fight was closer,” he expressed, noting his effective punches during their bout.

As Ortiz gears up for the Moran fight, he isn’t taking cues from Moran’s past opponents like Haney. He’s focusing on delivering his best, saying, “I intend to give the audience a memorable event, secure a win, and present the best version of myself.”

And Ortiz has a clear vision post this fight, with potential fights for the soon-to-be-available lightweight belts. “Post September 15th, I’ve got my sights set on ‘Tank’ Davis, Shakur Stevenson, and Lomachenko. A bout with Kambosos is enticing too. I’m confident about winning against any competitor, and I’m eagerly awaiting a world title opportunity,” Ortiz concluded.

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