Jai Opetaia vs Jordan Thompson: Viewing Details & Start Time

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Get ready for another night of World Championship boxing at the OVO Arena Wembley on Saturday, September 30th, live worldwide on DAZN (excluding Australia and New Zealand). Jai Opetaia and Ellie Scotney are set to make thrilling defenses of their respective world titles.

Opetaia’s Defense against Thompson: The undefeated Jai Opetaia (22-0, 17 KOs) will be putting his IBF and Ring Magazine Cruiserweight World Titles on the line against Jordan Thompson. Opetaia, who claimed these titles with an extraordinary performance against Mairis Briedis in Queensland, Australia in July 2022, will be looking to extend his unbeaten streak of 22 professional fights.

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The 28-year-old southpaw, who began his professional career in August 2015 after a glittering amateur career, will face off against Manchester’s undefeated contender Thompson (15-0, 12 KOs). Thompson’s recent triumph, a dominating sixth-round TKO win over Luke Watkins, has set the stage for this high-stakes battle.

Scotney’s Maiden Defense: Ellie Scotney (7-0), the reigning 122lbs queen, will make the maiden defense of her IBF Super-Bantamweight title against Argentina’s Laura Soledad Griffa. Scotney previously outpointed Australia’s former champion Cherneka Johnson to win the title and now faces Griffa (20-8, 1 KO), who’s hungry for redemption after falling short in her previous title challenges.

Other Notable Matches: The night also features other exciting bouts:

  • Dangerous Cruiserweight Cheavon Clarke (6-0, 5 KOs) gets his first title shot against Vasil Ducar (14-6-2, 10 KOs) for the vacant IBF International Title.
  • Warrington’s Rhiannon Dixon (8-0, 1 KO) clashes with Norway’s Katherina Thanderz (16-1, 2 KOs) for the vacant EBU European Lightweight crown.
  • Billericay Middleweight George Liddard (4-0, 3 KOs) and Eltham Flyweight Maiseyrose Courtney (4-0) return after recent victories.
  • Watford Super-Flyweight Shannon Ryan (5-0) prepares for her sixth professional fight, and Tony Sims-trained Middleweight Jimmy Sains eagerly anticipates his professional debut.

A Look at Thompson’s Path: Thompson, standing tall at 6′ 7″, has quickly become a powerhouse under the training of Tony Sims. Since signing a multi-fight promotional deal with Eddie Hearn in June 2021, he has won all five of his bouts, including picking up the IBF European Title by outpointing Vasil Ducar in August 2022.

“I’m in high spirits,” Opetaia conveyed. “We’re on the brink. The rigorous training is completed, and we’re primed to plunge into battle. His towering stature is his prime advantage; in my eyes, it’s his solitary advantage. The extended reach does lend him some power, but I’ve encountered this before. This sport is my life; it’s embedded in my every breath.

“Breidis is a chapter concluded. I’ve set new targets now. September 30 is the day. I’m plunging into battle. My training has been exhaustive; my preparation is impeccable. We’re braced for any scenario. Analyzing his previous fights is challenging, considering the lack of formidable opponents. His resilience remains unproven, but September 30 will reveal all.”

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“I don’t overly concentrate on my opponent’s strategies,” Thompson, the challenger, stated. “Our prep work is thorough; Tony has scrutinized, and we know what awaits us. I conserve my energy, not squandering it frivolously. Saturday night, the fight night, that’s the consequential moment. That’s the time for transformation, and rest assured, the transformation is impending.

“I don’t need to intensify my focus until the fight night. All these activities, public relations, are components of the process, a means of connecting with the fans. It’s essential to be entertaining and adapt, but the genuine shift in demeanor is reserved for the fight night. I understand the necessity to maintain composure given what’s at stake. Some argue I have nothing to lose, but I contest that notion—I have everything at stake in this fight.

“My mindset is attuned to victory; I’m inherently triumphant, a natural champion. Believing in one’s capabilities like I do, the task is to manifest it while maintaining serenity amidst the tumult and glare. A tranquil mind is the ultimate armor against any challenge presented.

“Many opine this fight is a monumental ascent for me. In all sincerity, I see it as a reciprocal elevation. Mairis Breidis is a global contender, albeit I surmise his prime years are behind him. He played his part, secured the victory, executed what was essential. In my view, I am the real challenge for him; he hasn’t faced anyone like Jordan Thompson. That’s a certainty.”

Jai Opetaia:

“We’re set to go. Earning this opportunity was no accident, and my excitement is genuine. My aim is not only for personal glory but also to uphold the honor of my team and nation.

“My journey back to the ring faced unexpected challenges. However, the growth I experienced, both outside and inside the ring, has prepared me for this moment. I’m eager to demonstrate that growth this coming Saturday.

“I’m versatile in the ring, having boxed my entire life. This moment was earned, not handed to me. So, come Saturday, it’s another day at the office.

“My goal? To capture every Cruiserweight title out there. Victory is the only option, no matter how it unfolds.”

Jordan Thompson:

“Preparing for this wasn’t easy, and improvisation became our tool. However, my self-belief is unwavering. I recognize my potential and its origins. Now, it’s time to showcase that I possess the qualities of a World Champion. This upcoming fight? Merely a chapter in my journey.

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“Tony Sims is a man of his word. He can vouch for the hard work I’ve invested and the sacrifices I’ve embraced. Every gym session transforms me, enhancing my skills and mindset. Sharing this event with Maisey, George, and Jimmy is thrilling. We’re united in our goal, and our dedication will be evident on Saturday.

“I pride myself on adaptability. My fighting techniques are varied, and I’ve got a strategy for any situation. No matter the challenge, we’ve trained for it, and we’re determined to overcome.

“I’m fully aware of the blessings I’ve received. The boxing world knows the requirements of a World Champion, and I’m ready to claim that title. Taking the belts? That’s the plan. And if all goes well, it’ll end with a knockout.”

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  • 16:30 – Doors Open
  • 16:50 – Beginning of ‘Before the Bell’ Broadcast
    • International Flyweight Fight (6 rounds of 2 minutes each)
      • MAISEYROSE COURTNEY (Eltham, England) weighing in at 114.2 lbs vs MARTINA BERNILE (Milan, Italy) weighing in at 113.1 lbs.
    • International Super-Flyweight Fight (8 rounds of 2 minutes each)
      • SHANNON RYAN (Watford, England) weighing in at 115.1 lbs vs XEXIA JORNEAC (Hunedoara, Romania) weighing in at 113.7 lbs.
    • International Lightweight Fight (4 rounds of 3 minutes each)
      • IBRAHEEM SULAIMAAN (Birmingham, England) weighing in at 135.8 lbs vs JOSHUA OCAMPO (Cucuta, Colombia) weighing in at 133.6 lbs.
    • International Middleweight Fight (6 rounds of 3 minutes each)
      • GEORGE LIDDARD (Billericay, England) weighing in at 162.6 lbs vs PETER KRAMER (Budapest, Hungary) weighing in at 160.5 lbs.
  • 19:00Live Streaming Starts on DAZN
    • IBF Super-Bantamweight World Title Fight (10 rounds of 2 minutes each)
      • ELLIE SCOTNEY (Catford, England) weighing in at 121.6 lbs vs LAURA SOLEDAD GRIFFA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) weighing in at 120.5 lbs.
    • Vacant EBU European Lightweight Title Fight (10 rounds of 2 minutes each)
      • RHIANNON DIXON (Warrington, England) weighing in at 134.4 lbs vs KATHARINA THANDERZ (Oslo, Norway) weighing in at 134.2 lbs.
    • International Middleweight Fight (4 rounds of 3 minutes each)
      • JIMMY SAINS (Hornchurch, England) weighing in at 162.3 lbs vs BARTLOMIEJ STRYCZECK (Bestwina, Poland) weighing in at 162 lbs.
    • Vacant IBF International Cruiserweight Title Fight (10 rounds of 3 minutes each)
      • CHEAVON CLARKE (Gravesend, England) weighing in at 198.3 lbs vs VASIL DUCAR (Brno, Czech Republic) weighing in at 199.4 lbs.
    • IBF and Ring Magazine Cruiserweight World Title Fights (12 rounds of 3 minutes each)
      • JAI OPETAIA (Sydney, Australia) weighing in at 198.6 lbs vs JORDAN THOMPSON (Manchester, England) weighing in at 198.9 lbs.