Hamzah Sheeraz Targets Chris Eubank Blockbuster

02/08/2024 - No comments

Hamzah Sheeraz fancies his chances, reckons if he can topple Liam Williams at the Copper Box Arena this Saturday, the big dogs of the British middleweight scene might just fancy a scrap with him.

Sheeraz, still not nicked a loss, is squaring off against ex-British champ across two divisions and a bloke who’s had a sniff at the world title, Williams. He’s putting his WBC Silver and Commonwealth straps up for grabs.

Bag a win in London, and Sheeraz is after a smashing 2024, throwing down with the likes of Chris Eubank Jr or Liam Smith, not to mention Nathan Heaney, who’s got quite the following as the British champ.

But, Sheeraz ain’t getting ahead of himself. Saturday’s fight is where his head’s at.

“I’m not taking my eyes off Liam Williams; he’s the task at hand,” stated the lad from Ilford, tipping the scales at 160. “Post-fight, if all goes to plan, me and my crew will scope out the scene. Looking to tangle with Eubank Jr, Liam Smith, or Nathan Heaney? That’s the dream. Come Saturday night, everyone will clock I’m game for it, God willing.”

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Catch the action live from the Copper Box Arena this Saturday, kicking off at 7pm on TNT Sports 1.

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