Gervonta Davis to Turki Alalshikh: “Two new shiny Ferraris for a fight with Devin Haney”

01/22/2024 - No comments

Gervonta “Tank” Davis, self-proclaimed ‘Face of Boxing,’ has set his price for even considering a mega-fight with Devin Haney: not one, but two Ferraris. Yes, you heard it right – the man wants his supercars hand-delivered by the Saudis to his doorstep. Because when you’re Tank Davis, a simple phone call to start negotiations is just too mainstream.

Social media is having a field day with this. Fans are torn between admiration and amusement, with many labeling Davis as the ‘spoiled vrat’ of boxing. Seems like Tank’s idea of starting a dialogue is ensuring the Saudis start on their back foot – or should we say, back wheel?

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On social media, Davis didn’t hold back. “They made me mad. If they want something, they got to send something to my door, like two Ferraris or something,” he quipped. Classic Tank! At 29, Davis seems to be playing a game of high-stakes poker with the Saudis, bluffing his way to a better deal.

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But let’s be real: the Ferraris are just the flashy hood ornament. The real engine of his demands? A mountain of cash to step into the ring with the towering 165-lb Haney.

The WBA ‘regular’ light welterweight champ with a knockout record of 29-0 (27 KOs) feels slighted. Why? Because His Excellency Turki Alalshikh had the audacity to go public about a Davis-Haney showdown without giving him a royal heads-up. Davis, after raking in a cool million-plus PPV buys against Ryan Garcia, expects nothing less than the red-carpet treatment.

And then there’s the PBC angle. Working with Al Haymon could be a wrench in the works, especially with his new Amazon Prime deal in the mix. Why fight on another network when you can be a prime-time star, right?

Playing the ‘Face of Boxing’ card, Davis is banking on his recent PPV smash hit against Ryan Garcia to charm a sweeter deal out of the Saudis.

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