Gervonta Davis live on Instagram with a message from Jail!

06/04/2023 - No comments

Yesterday, news broke that the WBA lightweight champion, Gervonta “Tank” Davis, was put behind bars and is set to serve the remaining 60 days of his sentence there. There wasn’t much clarity on what exactly Davis did wrong.

The Baltimore Banner reported that Davis’ trainer Calvin Ford’s home was initially approved by the Court as the location for Davis’ house arrest. But due to a lack of space at Ford’s place, Davis made a temporary move to the Four Seasons Hotel before settling into a swanky $3.4 million penthouse he recently bought.

However, because Davis didn’t get the court’s approval before changing his location, the judge canceled his house arrest and commanded him to complete the rest of his sentence in jail.

Today, Tank Davis sent out a audio clip speaking out from inside jail on Instagram live:

“Oh yeah. Man, I just want to say that the people know. This judge is crazy, bro.”

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Davis didn’t hold back on his legal frustrations. He conveyed a sense of perceived injustice and bias in the courtroom.

“She knocked me up because…after the home detention.”

“I listen to everyone on the team. She’s mad that I bought a property. That’s why I’m in jail.”

He suggested a potential bias in his legal proceedings, believing his recent property purchase played a part in his predicament.

“She wanted me to be in my apartment. A one-bedroom apartment.”

Davis expressed confusion over the judge’s apparent expectations for his living situation.

“Uh, take that, you know. She won’t understand. She won’t let my kids visit me.”

He lamented on the impact his legal situation had on his family life. There was a clear longing for normalcy in his relationship with his children.

“I just want to spare a night in this situation. She’s taking advantage of me.”

Despite his hardships, Davis displayed resilience. He wanted to shed light on his situation, underlining a ticking clock and an urgency to fight back.