GB Boxing to apply for associate membership of new international federation World Boxing

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GB Boxing is to apply for associate membership of World Boxing, the new international sport federation, which has been set-up to keep boxing at the heart of the Olympic Movement.

The decision was made by the board of GB Boxing today and reflects its determination to support World Boxing’s commitment to sporting integrity and good governance and its efforts to ensure boxing is kept on the Olympic programme for Los Angeles 2028 and beyond.

GB Boxing was set-up in 2008 (following the Beijing Olympics) to manage the UK’s publicly funded World Class Programme (WCP) for boxing and has enjoyed a period of unprecedented success which has seen male and female boxers from Great Britain win 14 medals at three Olympic Games.

As an organisation that is solely responsible for delivering the WCP, GB Boxing is not a National Governing Body (NGB) so is applying for associate membership which means it would not have voting rights but that representatives of GB Boxing will be able to hold offices within World Boxing. The NGBs for boxing in England, Scotland and Wales will be able to apply for full membership with voting rights.

The Chair of GB Boxing’s Board of Directors, Jason Glover, said: “It is vitally important to the future of the sport in the UK and across the globe that boxing remains part of the Olympic programme. The loss of Olympic status would have devastating consequences for boxers and everyone connected with the sport from the elite level to the grassroots and we are committed to supporting World Boxing in its efforts to keep boxing at heart of the Olympic Movement.

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“GB Boxing has played a significant role in helping to establish World Boxing and the decision to apply for associate membership is a sign of our long-term commitment to the new organisation and a desire on our behalf to play a part in its future development.

“We are committed to helping World Boxing deliver a better future for the sport which puts boxers’ interests at the centre of decision-making and operates with rigorous governance practices designed to deliver fairness and sporting integrity.”

GB Boxing’s decision follows recent announcements by USA Boxing and the Swiss Boxing Federation to leave IBA and apply for membership of World Boxing. A statement from the Dutch Boxing Federation has said “a farewell to IBA seems inevitable” while the leadership of Boxing New Zealand claimed to see “little future in continuing the association with IBA”.

World Boxing was set-up by a collection of individuals from boxing organisations around the world in response to the persistent issues surrounding IBA, whose failure to address the IOC’s longstanding concerns over sporting integrity, governance, transparency and financial management has placed boxing’s future as an Olympic sport in doubt.

Ryan Garcia Shocks the Boxing World with Victory Over Devin Haney at Barclays Center!

It is led by an Interim Executive Board made-up of representatives from boxing organisations in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Sweden and the USA. The Interim Executive Board includes GB Boxing’s Chief Executive, Matt Holt, and 2020 Olympic gold medallist, Lauren Price, who is an Athlete Representative.

As part of its launch announcement World Boxing made five pledges detailing its priorities for the sport:

  • ❖  World Boxing will keep boxing at the heart of the Olympic movement
  • ❖  World Boxing will ensure the interests of boxers are put first
  • ❖  World Boxing will deliver sporting integrity and fair competitions
  • ❖  World Boxing will create a competition structure designed in the best interests of the boxers
  • ❖  World Boxing will operate according to the strongest governance standards and transparent

    financial management
    World Boxing will hold its inaugural Congress in November 2023 when members will elect an Executive

    Board and President. Further information on World Boxing is available at

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  1. The real Boxing Powerhouses of this era,aren’t in this “new ad hoc organization”.Nothing to show against ,Uzbeks,Cubans,Kazakhas,Russians,Turkish,Armenios,Georgians and many other great boxing countries.

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