Live Boxing Tonight: Gavin Gwynne vs Marsili on TNT Sports

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Gavin Gwynne’s career saw a dramatic shift back in February 2021. Fast forward to now, and he’s poised to fight for the European lightweight title this Friday at York Hall, with the action broadcast live on TNT Sports. Gwynne, together with co-headliner Sam Noakes and others on the card, gathered in London for a press conference, setting the stage for an exciting fight night.

During the bleak days of lockdown, sports took a backstage, but Gwynne headed to Bolton as the underdog to vie for the Commonwealth title against the esteemed Irish fighter Sean McComb. Many thought McComb, boasting an 11-0 record, would easily handle Gwynne, especially considering Gwynne’s previous setbacks against Joe Cordina and James Tennyson. But Gwynne, 33, upset the odds, pushing McComb to an early retirement in the seventh round.

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Gwynne confesses that even he didn’t see his career rebound coming. “No, I couldn’t have imagined it,” he said. The lockdown period turned out to be a career-changing phase for him, where he defeated the undefeated McComb in a style he couldn’t have foreseen.

The lockdown period saw many part-time boxers training like their full-time counterparts, a shift that Gwynne credits for his improved performance. “Being full-time made a hell of a difference,” he explains.

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Since then, Gwynne’s record has been impressive, with three wins and a draw, even snagging the British title – a first for Merthyr since Johnny Owen. Looking ahead, Gwynne is setting his sights even higher. “Winning this fight on Friday will push me to world level,” he confidently states, reflecting on his close fight with world champion Joe Cordina.

Joining Queensberry has been a game-changer for Gwynne, who’s now shedding his image as just an away fighter. He’s known as the ‘Merthyr Mexican’ for his aggressive style and can’t wait to showcase his skills against Emiliano Marsili, an undefeated veteran, for the vacant EBU belt. Gwynne is convinced that he’s too much for the 47-year-old Marsili, even claiming he could have beaten him in his prime.

“He’s 47 and 42-0. But honestly, I could’ve taken him down in his prime,” Gwynne boasts. He plans to overpower Marsili with sheer volume, not bothered by whatever comes his way. “I’m going to be throwing 300-400 punches a round,” Gwynne says, confident in his ability to dominate the ring.

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As fight night approaches, Gwynne is ready to make his mark, determined to outperform and prove that he’s not just another fighter, but a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

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The EBU European Lightweight Championship 12 x 3 Minute Rounds
Gavin Gwynne 134.4lbs
Emiliano Marsili 134.3lbs

The WBC International Silver Lightweight Championship 10 x 3 Minute Rounds
Sam Noakes 134.6lbs
Carlos Perez 133.6lbs

The WBC International Featherweight Championship 10 x 2 Minute Rounds
Raven Chapman 125.1lbs
Lucie Sedlackova 125.2lbs

The WBO European Super-Bantamweight Championship 10 x 3 Minute Rounds
Brad Strand 121.1lbs
Joshua John 121.6lbs

8 x 3 Minute Rounds International Cruiserweight Contest
Oronzo Biradi 197lbs
Israel Duffus 200lbs 7oz

6 x 3 Minute Rounds International Heavyweight Contest
Moses Itauma 242.5lbs
Michal Boloz 223lbs

6 x 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Featherweight Contest
Royston Barney-Smith 132.9lbs
Maicol Velazco 132.3lbs

6 x 3 Minute Rounds International Featherweight Contest
Umar Khan 126.9lbs
Yin Caicedo 124.8lbs

6 x 3 Minute Rounds International Welterweight Contest
Sonny Liston Ali 150.8lbs
Fernando Mosquera 147lbs

4 x 3 Minute Rounds International Super-Welterweight Contest
Joel Kodua 151.3lbs
Dario Barosa To weigh-in Tomorrow