Francis Ngannou’s PFL Debut: MMA’s Latest Power Move!

02/22/2024 - No comments

PFL Champions vs Bellator Champions February 24th, live on DAZN and ESPN+ PPV

Ngannou currently set to face former two-time unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in the boxing ring on March 8th live on DAZN

Francis Ngannou has thrown his hat into the Professional Fighters League (PFL) ring, promising to grace the SmartCage with his presence. Ngannou is set to take on the winner of the heavyweight war between Renan Ferreira and Ryan Bader. These two will clash in what’s been dubbed a “Heavyweight Superfight”.

Now, for those who’ve been living under a rock or, you know, actually have lives outside of following every twist and turn in combat sports, Ngannou’s been busy. Fresh off a loss in the boxing ring against Tyson Fury, he’s now gearing up to face Anthony Joshua.. One minute he’s in the boxing ring, the next he’s back in the MMA world, probably while learning jiu-jitsu or knitting in his spare time.

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The PFL, not ones to shy away from a bit of theatrics themselves, are all but rolling out the red carpet for Ngannou’s return to MMA. Peter Murray, the PFL CEO, couldn’t contain his excitement if he tried, practically singing praises about Ngannou’s combat sports icon status. And let’s not overlook the small detail of Ngannou not just fighting but also grabbing a piece of the PFL pie as an equity owner and Chairman of the soon-to-debut PFL Africa. Talk about multitasking!

So, as we sit back and wait for the showdown this Saturday live on DAZN, one thing’s for certain: the combat sports world is never dull with Ngannou in the mix. Whether he’s throwing punches in the ring or making strategic moves in the boardroom, he’s got our attention. And for the PFL, that’s exactly the kind of noise (again, excitement) they’re looking to create.

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